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Qt is a cross-platform application and UI framework. Using Qt, you can write applications once and deploy them across many desktop and embedded operating systems without rewriting the source code.
KDElibs (KDE)
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The KDE libraries, basis of KDE and used by many open source projects. They are based on Qt, Trolltech's cross-platform toolkit, and run on Linux, BSDs, and other Unices, as well as Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X.

Licensed under GNU LGPL, they may be used by open source and proprietary applications.

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SVN Graphical client for Windows, Linux, Mac OS/X, Solaris, BSD, AIX, ...
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jSeamless is a UI abstraction layer for Java to allow developers to write code for any platform and any environment (Web, Desktop, Mobile, etc.) without having to know ahead of time the deployment platform or environment will.
Adobe Source Libraries
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Tags: gui-framework development gui multi-platform
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TkCVS is a Tcl/Tk-based graphical interface to the CVS and Subversion configuration management systems. It will also help with RCS. The user interface is consistent across Unix/Linux, Windows, and MacOS X. TkDiff is included for browsing and merging your changes.
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Vexi is a platform for creating and publishing Graphical User Interfaces that can be used over the Internet or an intranet. It features a very simple and powerful syntax based on XML and JavaScript, a set of complete, extensible, themable widgets, and a sandbox-like security model to protect users.
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Omnivide is a small app itself, written in Java. The idea behind the program is that several plugins will deliver any service you like to you. All in a single app. Omnivide itself will enable you to install/remove and enable/disable any plugin you like, since it’s open source you can also write your own plugins.

Just because we call them plugins doesn’t mean they aren’t full-blown apps. Our Twitter plugin is fully featured with your own timeline, the public timeline, a small overview of yo...

Scalable Icons (Java)
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Icons in java are generally of a fixed size. In fact the documentation states that the Icon is

"A small fixed size picture, typically used to decorate components."

This library is designed to extend this definintion to essentially remove the 'fixed size' bit and as such increase the number of use-cases that the icon can be applied to.

Interactive Control System
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Today an entrepreneur must have in hand a system of control which together manage all your needs for a stable, fast and profitable.
Based on the current context of demands and computerization, interactive control system is an application based on the needs of an entrepreneur to better control data input, output and stock.
Java-based system is available so that the entrepreneur has several modules, which may or may not be effective to use for each situatio...
JaNaG - Java Name Generator
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JaNaG (Java Name Generator) is a random name generator for role-games, authors, and the like. It is based on a name fragment database that creates relatively reasonably sounding names from different cultures/influences (e.g. elves, orcs, pseudo-old-German, etc.). It has been developed as "Namegenerator", but due to naming conflicts has been renamed to JaNaG. It can run as applet, GUI appliance, command line tool, or on a server-client basis. Namegenerator runs stable, but could need expansion in...
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libNUI is a hardware accelerated GUI framework that makes it possible to build rich multi-platform applications based on 3D rendered dynamic layouts. Interfaces are built as a composition of widgets and behaviors, and the framework handles positioning, resizing, anchoring, and texture stretching. Objects are connected with synchronous events and delegates for mono-threaded communication, or asynchronous notifications and message queues are used for multi-threaded applications. It also supports s...
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Opener Chat is a kind of multi-user and multi-protocol online communication software which is like Pidgin (gaim).

Opener Chat is completely programmed by Perl which consists of the graphical interface part and net part. Now we use the module of win32::GUI to carry its interface into effect, so this software can only run on the win32 platform.

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Tags: visualisation multi-platform qt c++ gui interactive
Souzou is a cross-platform drawing board application written in C++. It is intended to be used with homemade Wiimote smartboards, and allows the interactive whiteboard to be used like a normal whiteboard, and allows you to save captures of the content.
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TnFOX is a modern, secure, robust, multithreaded, exception aware, internationalisable, portable GUI toolkit library designed for mission-critical work in C++ and Python forked from the FOX library. It replicates the Qt API in many places and has been designed primarily for Tn, the port of Tornado to FOX.