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OpenGL (Haskell)
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Tags: 3d haskell graphics opengl
A Haskell binding for the OpenGL graphics system (GL, version 2.1) and its
accompanying utility library (GLU, version 1.3). OpenGL is the industry's most
widely used and supported 2D and 3D graphics application programming interface
(API), incorporating a broad set of rendering, texture mapping, special
effects, and other powerful visualization functions.
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Demonstrates how to simply create a web page that uses gnuplot to graph 2d functions, 3d functions, and plots of financial time series data.

Initially created as a perl cgi script.

Currently being ported to have the same functionality using haskell and cgi.

Future plans are to experiment with the HAppS and WASH haskell web frameworks to expand on existing functionality, eventually winding up with something like a pastebin for gnuplot that would display and remember scripts ...