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container data-structures judy library programming
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Tags: container data-structures haskell arrays programming
Standard Haskell arrays library.
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Tags: programming haskell arrays library
This array library supports: unboxed references, Monad-independent references, syntax sugar for mutable types, a reimplemented Arrays library, changes in MArray usage, and using dynamic (resizable) arrays
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Tags: arrays haskell judy
Judy[1] bindings (a C library that implements fast sparse dynamic arrays) for Haskell presenting APIs conforming as much as possible to the existent Haskell library interfaces, like Data.Map and Data.Array.MArray. This binding for the Judy library includes all its four types: mapping from words to bits (Judy1), from words to values (JudyL), from strings to values (JudyHS) and from array-of-bytes to values (JudyHS).