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xmonad is a minimalistic tiling window manager for X, written and extensible in Haskell. xmonad-contrib is the library of user-contributed extension modules to xmonad, providing a large collection of new layout algorithms, utilities, hooks, and more.
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Tags: extension programming plugin haskell dynamics hotplug
hs-plugins is a library for loading code written in Haskell into an application at runtime, in the form of plugins. It also provides a mechanism for (re-)compiling Haskell source at runtime. Thirdly, a combination of runtime compilation and dynamic loading provides a set of eval functions- a form of runtime metaprogramming. Values exported by Haskell plugins are transparently available to Haskell host applications, and bindings exist to use Haskell plugins from at least C and Objective C program...
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Tags: hotplug extension haskell plugin dynamics
a ghc-api wrapper, designed to make the api more transparent across releases and offer eval and
plugin esque facilities in the form of a simple, easy to modify library