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bpm dot finitestatemachine graphviz java library profiling programming visualisation workflow
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Tags: programming haskell graph library
Martin Erwig's Functional Graph Library
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Tags: finitestatemachine bpm graph haskell java workflow
SarasvatiOverviewSarasvati is a workflow/bpm engine based on graph execution. It has a simple core which allows for different implementations. For example one may change the persistence mechanism (or avoid it altogether), change token representation or build additional functionality on top.

It currently has implementations in Haskell and Java. These are being fleshed out and will hopefully be porting it to C# and a dynamic language such as ruby, python or javascript.


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Tags: profiling graphviz haskell graph dot visualisation
prof2dot takes profiling information (a file generated by running a
ghc-compiled application with the +RTS -px -RTS flags) and converts it to
GraphViz's dot format.