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OpenGL (Haskell)
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Tags: 3d haskell graphics opengl
A Haskell binding for the OpenGL graphics system (GL, version 2.1) and its
accompanying utility library (GLU, version 1.3). OpenGL is the industry's most
widely used and supported 2D and 3D graphics application programming interface
(API), incorporating a broad set of rendering, texture mapping, special
effects, and other powerful visualization functions.
gd (Haskell)
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Tags: gd haskell graphics images
This is a binding to a (currently very small) subset of the GD graphics library.
SDL (Haskell)
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Tags: sdl haskell graphics
Haskell binding to libSDL
SDL-ttf (Haskell)
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Tags: sdl haskell graphics
haskell bindings to libSDL_ttf
SDL-image (Haskell)
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Tags: library sdl haskell graphics programming
Haskell binding to libSDL_image
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Tags: library haskell graphics
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Tags: l-systems haskell graphics gui
An L-system is a small grammar specifying fractal functions, famous for their uncanny resemblance to plants and other lifeforms. nymphaea displays these L-systems in an attractive visual manner, and allows you to manipulate them.
Dependencies base, cairo, containers, glade, glib, gtk (>0.9), mtl, parsec,
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Tags: latex haskell graphics tex
Functional MetaPost is a Haskell frontend to the MetaPost language by John Hobby. Users write their graphics as Haskell programs, which then emit MetaPost code that can be compiled into encapsulated PostScript files and smoothly included into e.g. LaTeX.
SDL-mixer (Haskell)
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Tags: graphics haskell sdl programming
Haskell bindings to libSDL_mixer
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Tags: graphics library haskell gui programming ui
hs-fltk is a Haskell interface to the FLTK. FLTK is a small and portable GUI toolkit and the
interface tries to be quite highlevel.
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Tags: graphs haskell charts graphics
A library for generating 2D Charts and Plots, based upon the cairo graphics library.
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Tags: graphics opengl haskell
ANUPlot hides the pain of drawing simple 2D graphics in Haskell behind a nice data structure and a couple of display functions. The library uses the GHC OpenGL binding, but you don't have to. No IORefs required in user code! 6 coats of gloss!
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Tags: graphics functionalprogramming soe haskell scala
This project attempts to rewrite the Haskell application that is implemented in Haskell School of Expression book by Paul Hudak (http://www.haskell.org/soe/) on Scala.

Goal is to

a) evaluate Haskell code vs Scala b) demonstrate use of Scala language c) promote functional programming concept to developers accustom to object oriented thinking.