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An Integrated Development Environment for Haskell written in Haskell.
Visual Haskell
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Tags: ide haskell editor
Visual Haskell is a complete development environment for Haskell software, based on Microsoft's Visual Studio platform. Visual Haskell integrates with the Visual Studio editor to provide interactive features to aid Haskell development, and it enables the construction of projects consisting of multiple Haskell modules, using the Cabal building/packaging infrastructure.
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Tags: hugs gui haskell ide development
GuiHaskell aims to be a cross-platform development environment for Haskell
that is integrated with other popular Haskell tools. The program uses the
PropLang GUI combinator library to declaratively define the relationships
between UI elements and data.
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Tags: ide eclipse haskell darcs version-control
Integration for the distributed version control system Darcs in the Eclipse IDE.
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Tags: ide ghc-api haskell
A wrapper around the GHC API to provide IDE functionality.

For a variety of reasons there is no standard IDE for Haskell programmers. Many Haskell programmers use Vim or Emacs, but many others use Visual Studio, Eclipse, Yi or various other editors. There are efforts to provide IDE functionality for each of these platforms, leading to large duplication of efforts. Maintaining each of these libraries is not feasible or negates the addition of new features.

Scion (rhymes with "lio...

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Tags: haskell java ide language programming visual
To be done
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Tags: programming haskell ide development
A tool to assist developers of IDEs and other code analyzing programs. Processes Haskell source
files and outputs information about types in an efficient machine-readable format.