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Tags: hdbc sqlite sql oracle database haskell db mysql postgresql dbi odbc
HDBC provides an abstraction layer between Haskell programs and SQL relational databases. This
lets you write database code once, in Haskell, and have it work with any number of backend SQL
databases (MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, ODBC-compliant databases, etc.)
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Tags: postgresql sqlite db haskell database mysql odbc dbi
HaskellDB is a combinator library for expressing queries and other operations on relational databases in a type safe and declarative way. All the queries and operations are completely expressed within Haskell, no embedded (SQL) commands are needed
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Tags: dbi hdbc database haskell postgresql db sql
This is the PostgreSQL backend driver for the HDBC database infrastructure for Haskell.
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Its a personal project targeted to solve operations research problems with multi objective goal scenarios. The project consists of many open source projects & ideas.