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WebStats dotNet
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WebStats dotNet is a series of projects used to generate website statistics from IIS W3C http server log files. Best of all, it�s all free and licensed under the LGPL. The projects are written in C# using the Microsoft .NET Framework v 2.0. The projects composing WebStats dotNet are: the WebStats Class Library (.dll), the WebStats Website (ASP.NET) and the WebStats Scheduler (Windows Service).
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This project provides helpful libraries for C# application development.
Rovio .Net Library
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Feed Launch .NET
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Feed Launch .NET is an open-source feed creator for both RSS 2.0 and ATOM 1.0 Feeds. A clean gui interface makes feed creation intuitive. Preview your Feeds or save them on your hard disk. Upload feature via FTP is integrated directly into the application.
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Tags: openservers.net imap http ftp pop3 3-0 .net
A collection of open source servers built on top of a shared server architechture. Currently FTP is the only support server.
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Tags: rest http server .net c# javascript web chat
Picoline is a web-based chat platform, designed to be hosted in a .NET environment. The design goals of the platform is simplicity, convention-over-configuration and performance.

The platform comprises a server and a client component, which communicates via a simple REST-based interface. All communication goes across HTTP, allowing clients to connect even through paranoid firewall setups.

The server component is implemented in managed C# as a Windows service. This service handles a...

Web Tools
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The WebTools Google Code Project features a multi-platform library for handling:

* HTTP and HTTPS connections
* HTTP GET, HTTP POST and HTTP POST with file attachments
* Centralized proxy server management
* HTTP cookies
* HTTP compression (gzip and deflate)
* DNS and/or JavaScript redirection and new domain path caching
* Basic HTML parsing (with support for broken XML syntax) ...

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Tags: web iis windows .net c# xhtml atom w3c http xml
the goal is to make it easy to create w3c-compliant web output on the windows/iis platform. key features will be support for atom/APP, atom/rss feeds, tagging and searching ala google, etc.

the system will emphasize the use of quality URIs (ala tim-bl) and ensure a stable archiving model that always returns content safely.

the internal model will always devlier from static pages (to take advantage of caching). the pages will be generated from stored xml and xsl on disk, using sql ser...

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Tags: .net c# c http api rest
SpokenText API
NetFXHarmonics DevServer
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NetFXHarmonics DevServer is a web server hosting environment built on WPF and WCF technologies that allows multiple instances of Cassini-like web servers to run in parallel. DevServer also includes tracing capabilities for monitoring requests and responses, request filtering, automatic ViewState and ControlState parsing, visually enhanced HTTP status codes, IP binding modes for both local-only as well as remote access, and easy to use XML configuration.
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Framework for distributed applications in .NET based in HTTP protocol and dynamic language.

You can develop a web server with all features, dynamic language, AJAX/JSON, etc. and create high-availability and high-performance systems.

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Tags: aspx mysql http .net c
Простой вэб-паук, с кэшированием данных и поиском по ним. Разрабатывался как курсовой проект. Среда разработки - VisualStudio2008. Язык - C#. Компьютерные Сети и Системы. 2008ой год.

Инструкция по установке - в Wiki


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Tags: http xsl xml community .net c#
HTTP api, allow easy integration of online communities features such as user registration, forums, blog, photo galleries.
Brand free, and completly configurable.

You can integrate your website using your existing technology, ajax, aspent, php, flash...

WinFx HTTP Compression ASP.NET HTTP
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Tags: httpmodule compression http 2-0 .net asp.net
This is an ASP.NET HTTP Module for HTTP Compression. Someone asked me why I should use your HTTP Compression module over some others on the web. The difference is in features! My compression module has a number of advantages.

1) Mine is completely reliant on .NET 2.0 Classes. Therefore it gets the goodness that is .NET 2.0. For example I use Generics for some of the features that I support. This reduced the amount of code I had to write.

2) There are a number of features that I...

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Tags: mono .net c# server http
Modular HTTP server C# library targeting .NET/Mono

More info coming soon

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This is a repository of various free/open-source code projects i've started.

Most are projects i created to speaking/training events. some are more extensive projects that explore interesting topics. a few are just my personal putterings.

2009-05-25 Amundsen.UtilitiesStand-alone version of HTTP utilities used in SDS/Azure projects Includes clientTest project as an example HTTPClient.cs DateTimePrecise.cs Xslt.cs Caching.cs Mimeparse.cs Hashing.cs

2008-12-13 General updat...