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Tags: restful http database json rest client
Python library for working with CouchDB.
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EasyPHP is a complete package allowing to use all the power and the flexibility that offers the dynamic language PHP. Package includes an Apache server, a MySQL database, PHPMyAdmin as well as easy development tools for web sites and applications.
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Naviserver is a high performance programmable web server written in C and Tcl. It can be easily extended in either language to create interesting web sites and services
POCO C++ Libraries
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The POCO C++ Libraries (POCO stands for POrtable COmponents) are open source C++ class libraries that simplify and accelerate the development of network-centric, portable applications in C++. The libraries integrate perfectly with the C++ Standard Library and fill many of the functional gaps left open by it. Their modular and efficient design and implementation makes the POCO C++ Libraries extremely well suited for embedded development, an area where the C++ programming language is becoming incr...
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A webserver with exceptional support to run native applications in RXML. The webserver is implemented in Pike.
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Caudium is the name of a GPL-ed (free for commercial and personal use) web server written in Pike and in C. It is originally based on the Roxen Challenger 1.3 code base.
It is an attractive alternative to servers like Apache, Netscape® and Zeus® due to its strength in dynamic page and data generation, modularity and more.
The Caudium Project runs also an IRC network, has created a GPL webmail called CAMAS and has an ever-growing community of developers and users worl...
Alexandria (Book Collection Application)
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Alexandria is a GNOME application to help you manage your book collection.
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Adsmanager is a Classifieds Component for Joomla!
Different types of fields (textfield, textarea, select, checkbox, etc...), fields can be chosen by categories, unlimited level of categories, Full administration in back end.

Read more about the component on the home page.

Rails Ajax Grid Generator
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Tags: ruby database front-ends http www
The Ajax_grid generator generates a fully functional, ajax based CRUD grid for a given table. It is based heavily on the scaffold generator. The generated code, with only some css help, is usable as is for CRUD operations on a single table
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Library of PHP 5 classes developed and used by CeuS Media. Clean, object oriented, tested and documented.
Contains more than 400 classes.
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Simple to use library that handles a lot of things for you.
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Un framework en PHP escrito en español.
A PHP framework in spanish.
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Tags: database rss http network multithreading android
The net-handler-android package enables the asynchronous processing of requests in Android applications. Any kind of request (HTTP data, RSS feeds, DB queries, file-system access, etc.) can be made, and any number of requests can be made at the same time. The requests are queued in a thread pool, and an application-supplied callback interface is used to notify the application when data is ready for use.

The net-handler-android package was written specifically for Android application, but ...

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Tags: php sql http web database
It`s a simple but powerful CMS system to manipulate site with good integration.
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A REST API and server written in Python, using the Pylons web framework Pylons. It's an abstraction layer for database management.

Our first goal is to build the system using SQL but later extend it to use XQuery to support both relational and XML databases.

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Tags: http rest database scala couchdb
scouchdb : Persisting Scala Objects in CouchDBscouchdb offers a Scala interface to using CouchDB. Scala offers objects and classes as the natural way to abstract entities, while CouchDB stores artifacts as JSON documents. scouchdb makes it easy to use the object interface of Scala for persistence and management of Scala objects as JSON documents.

MotivationThe primary motivation for making scouchdb is to offer a form of CouchDB driver to manipulate objects in a completely non-intrusive ma...

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XAware 5 is open source data integration software for creating and managing composite data services for SOA and Web 2.0 applications.
XAware enhances the productivity of other development tools and frameworks by building composite data services. These services provide real-time access to information and the ability to abstract, transform, aggregate and mashup data. Developers use these XAware capabilities to create a data virtualization layer, which delivers a single view of re-usa...
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Welcome to zicbee project !Quick linksDescription (Wiki) Binary downloads Sources (Hg), if unavailable, take a look to the right panel Latest zip package Latest tar.bz2 package OverviewThis is a "not yet very mature" project aiming at helping people carrying music.

Sometimes you just have access to huge databases and you would like to listen to some random choice.

There is a lot of tools able to do that, this one's goal:

simple to use, even the command-line multi database su...

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IntroductionKineta is a non-SQL-based relational database which is designed to stay out of your way and make your life easier. For much more information on what Kineta is all about, see the WhyKineta wiki page. To start using Kineta, see GettingStarted.

Reference Documentation is now also available.

Feature OverviewWritten in Python, distributed as a normal Python package. "Do what I want" semantics: To create a table, insert data. To add a column, update data. To remove a col...

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La Suite NemesisRD 1.x es un conjunto de bibliotecas de clases escritas íntegramente en C++ cuyo objetivo es facilitar el desarrollo de aplicaciones profesionales.

Las facilidades que ofrece la Suite NemesisRD 1.x está especialmente orientado hacia el desarrollo de aplicaciones distribuidas, aunque también ha sido usada con éxito en el desarrollo de aplicaciones de consola.

Las plataformas nativas de NemesisRD 1.x son Linux y Solaris, tanto en 32 bits como en 64 bits.

Las f...