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SquirrelMail is a standards-based Webmail package. It includes built-in pure PHP support for the IMAP and SMTP protocols, and all pages are rendered in pure HTML 4.0 for maximum compatibility across browsers. It has very few requirements, and is very easy to configure and install. It has all the functionality you would want from an email client, including strong MIME support, address books, and folder manipulation.
Request Tracker
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RT is an enterprise-grade ticketing system which enables a group of people to intelligently and efficiently manage tasks, issues, and requests submitted by a community of users.

The RT platform has been under development since 1996, and is used by systems administrators, customer support staffs, IT managers, developers and marketing departments at thousands of sites around the world.

Written in object-oriented Perl, RT is a high-level, portable, platform independent system that eases...

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IPFire is new-developed firewall build with the latest releases of linux 2.6 and tools. You are able to install a lot of addons and you will see a firewall can become a home server.
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Forum, mailing list, chat, weblog all in one, where one can propose, vote and delegate on any element.Security through 3 elements: P2P, pgp signatures, electoral lists.
SME Server
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SME Server is a leading distribution for small and medium enterprises. It stands apart from the competition by shipping with most common functionality preconfigured and features a number of popular additional enhancements in the form of downloadable 'contributions'. It is published under the GPL license and while freely available, a small donation is requested.
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The Enkoder protects email addresses by converting them into encrypted JavaScript code, hiding them from email-harvesting robots while revealing them to real people.
Krysalis jCharts
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jCharts is a Java-based charting utility that outputs a variety of charts. It is ideal for displaying charts via Servlets, but also supports Swing apps.
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Tags: http lib dll lgpl python command c xml email
receive the email and execute instruct given by xml files.
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Tags: email submiter upload http java submit form
Very simple form submiter that reads text files, databases etc and sends this information via e-mail, http etc. Very simple design with few interfaces (DataSource, Publisher, Scheduler).

Very few providers are included, for example Perfectgonzo data source (videos from www.perfectgonzo.com) or Pastebin http submiter. Write your own providers and share!

It is written in Java 6.

You can donate the project on this page: http://lukas.zapletalovi.com/wiki:paypal

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Tags: c++ webmail email pop www http
FreePOPs is a POP3 server that is scriptable in LUA. This means that you can tailor it to your needs by writing a plugin. Plugins are currently implemented for using FreePOPs as an RSS aggregator, a POP3 forwarding server, and a POP3 interface to the webmail services of libero.it, inwind.it, iol.it, blu.it, lycos.it, tin.it, virgilio.it, gmail.com, aol, hotmail, fastmail, mail2world, yahoo and many more (see the Web site for an exaustive list).
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RssFwd is a web/desktop app written on top of Rails framework. Its main purpose was to poll RSS (and Atom) feeds and forward them to subscribed email addresses.

*PLEASE get source codes from CVS/SCM link!*

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Tags: email web http smtp appengine python
smtp2web consists of an admin interface, written for App Engine, and an SMTP server daemon, which together accept email for configured addresses and send the emails via HTTP POST to user-selected URLs.

This allows web apps such as those written on App Engine, which are traditionally unable to receive email, to do so.

smtp2web.com provides this as a free-to-use service.

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Tags: http email validation template spring
Provides a bunch of modules that can be used in Spring.
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TestPlan is an automated testing tool for testing interactive web systems. It offers these features:

Testing web pages via a Firefox or Internet Explorer, or a display-less backend Reporting for status feedback on an entire test suite Metrics for page responses and availability Email and FTP for full web application testing Unified syntax for Email, Text, HTML, CSV, and XML data Advanced tracing for locating overnight errors High-level specialized testing language suitable for non-develop...