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apache css html java javascript packet performance perl python single-sign-on sprite upload web www xhtml xhtml2 xsl xslt
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Set of extensions to Apache and other Web servers to provide consistent authentication and presentation of various existing 3rd party web applications.
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Tags: image http html performance sprite css python
Helps to make image sprites in CSS. You pass in a definition of how to combine a group of images, and it is created!
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Tags: packet image http
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Tags: upload http image java
A desktop program that lets you choose as many images as you want from your file system and then upload them all to a image hosting site that does not provide a way to upload many files at once (like the Facebook interface, for example)

Whishlist:Add more services: http://flickr.com, http://mekusharim.co.il, http://showme.co.il Add a GUI to album creation. Add panel for the images that will uploaded. Add tab for viewing the online album Add Drag & Drop feature between the two tabs. Ad...