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BitTorrent is a tool for copying files from one machine to another. FTP punishes sites for being popular. Since all uploading is done from one place, a popular site needs big iron and big bandwidth. With BitTorrent, clients automatically mirror files they download, making the publisher's burden almost nothing.

Prior to version 6.0, BitTorrent was written in Python, and was free software. The source code for versions 4.x and 5.x are released under the BitTorrent Open Source License, a modif...

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A podcatcher and broadcatcher for KDE. It lets you watch TV and listen to Radio shows from the net, for free. KatchTV is independent of channel and feed publishers, including Miro's channel guide, and others too. It includes Bittorrent support, and is capable of downloading large movies, in parallel, while you watch something else. Integrates with Konqueror, and KDE media players.

KatchTV is an Internet TV broadcatcher and podcatcher, similar to Miro, but for KDE.

Supported features ...

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LeechCraft is an extensible crossplatform multiprotocol opensource download manager. Currently it supports BitTorrent, HTTP, RSS/Atom feeds, allows you to chat in IRC a bit and a lot more.
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Tags: java http rtmp streaming media flash annuus
annuus is an Open Source Flash Media Server written in Java. it supports:

Rtmp protcol Http protcol Streaming Audio/Video (FLV) Recording Client Streams (FLV) Shared Objects Live Stream Publishing Remoting (AMF0)

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Tags: ftp www recording media dvb television tv http
DVBgrab is a web-based application allowing registered users to request any tv show to record. When it's done download link is sent to user's e-mail. Tv schedule is from XMLTV, tv stream is saved with dumprtp and encoding is provided with mencoder.
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Tags: http proxy mplayer vlc media stream java
JSpeedStreamer is a proxy to speed up streaming media over HTTP by using multiple parallel threads for a single download. It differs from a download manager in that it delivers the data in order so that the resulting stream can be played through MPlayer, VLC or any other media player that can stream over HTTP.

JSpeedStreamer receives a HTTP request and then divides up that request into segments, each segment is assigned to a downloading thread and is downloaded using the HTTP Range header...