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Framewerk is a web development framework and application suite in PHP5. Our goal with Framewerk is to give developers and users alike the ability to build complex websites quickly and easily. Framewerk can work as your entire website CMS with our flexible pre-written apps or you can use Framewerk as a base platform or foundation for your site.

The stats are skewed due to svn reorganization.

PRADO: PHP component framework v2
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PRADO is an event-driven and component-based framework for Web application development in PHP 5. It shares many similarities with ASP.NET and RAD tools such as Borland Delphi, and Visual Basic.
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Floe is a minimalist object oriented framework for rapid prototyping websites and online applications.

Floe emerged from a framework cobbled together for the Code Blacks team, who used it to build the winning website in the inaugural FullCodePress event in Sydney on August 18th, 2007.

AOS Rhino Application Server
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Tags: server application http lua sqlite mvc json c++
AOS is designed and written to be the fastest application server with very tight control of memory allocations, efficient execution algorithms, built-in timing and statistics for performance tuning and easy extension.
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Chowdah: REST for PHP 5Chowdah is a flexible library for developing REST applications in PHP 5. Designed for the web, it can be used to create anything from a REST API, to a full-scale web application, to even a static website. Chowdah provides a library to manipulate HTTP requests and responses, create resource objects that can be manipulated via HTTP calls, and manipulate files, documents, and collections. Its design allows encourages the clean separation of your application logic, HTTP interf...
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Tags: servlet http j2ee java mvc rest spring
Implementations of Spring web and MVC components to leverage HTTP and better support resource-oriented and REST-style architectures.
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zcorezcore 是一个崭新的java框架,为你解决数据持久化,数据类型的转换等问题:

下载 zcore: http://zzcore.googlecode.com/files/zcore.a.1.0.jar 获得 zcore 源代码: svn 方式: svn checkout http://zzcore.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/ zzcore-read-only 下载 tar.gz 包: http://zzcore.googlecode.com/files/zcore-source.a.1.0.tar.gz 下载 zip 包: http://zzcore.googlecode.com/files/zcore-source.a.1.0.zip zcore 虽然只有155K,但是所有的功能均不依赖第三方jar包,你可以放心使用。 jar 包中包括以下内容:

public static Person getPerson(DataS...