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Floe is a minimalist object oriented framework for rapid prototyping websites and online applications.

Floe emerged from a framework cobbled together for the Code Blacks team, who used it to build the winning website in the inaugural FullCodePress event in Sydney on August 18th, 2007.

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zcorezcore 是一个崭新的java框架,为你解决数据持久化,数据类型的转换等问题:

下载 zcore: http://zzcore.googlecode.com/files/zcore.a.1.0.jar 获得 zcore 源代码: svn 方式: svn checkout http://zzcore.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/ zzcore-read-only 下载 tar.gz 包: http://zzcore.googlecode.com/files/zcore-source.a.1.0.tar.gz 下载 zip 包: http://zzcore.googlecode.com/files/zcore-source.a.1.0.zip zcore 虽然只有155K,但是所有的功能均不依赖第三方jar包,你可以放心使用。 jar 包中包括以下内容:

public static Person getPerson(DataS...