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BitTorrent is a tool for copying files from one machine to another. FTP punishes sites for being popular. Since all uploading is done from one place, a popular site needs big iron and big bandwidth. With BitTorrent, clients automatically mirror files they download, making the publisher's burden almost nothing.

Prior to version 6.0, BitTorrent was written in Python, and was free software. The source code for versions 4.x and 5.x are released under the BitTorrent Open Source License, a modif...

Alexandria (Book Collection Application)
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Alexandria is a GNOME application to help you manage your book collection.
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Tags: ruby c++ search indexing http www
Ferret is a high-performance, full-featured text search engine library written entirely in C. It has complete Ruby bindings and C++ bindings are in the works. Ferret was inspired by the Apache Lucene project.
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LeechCraft is an extensible crossplatform multiprotocol opensource download manager. Currently it supports BitTorrent, HTTP, RSS/Atom feeds, allows you to chat in IRC a bit and a lot more.
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php_solr is a lightweight php client library for the Lucene-based enterprise search server Apache Solr.
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Tags: http www indexing search ruby
Crawler and content extractor for building a full text index of a website's contents. Uses Ferret for indexing.
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Fetcher construction kit.
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Tags: c++ search indexing http www communications
Ruby/ZOOM provides a Ruby binding to the Z39.50 Object-Orientation Model (ZOOM), an abstract object-oriented programming interface to a subset of the services specified by the Z39.50 standard, also known as the international standard ISO 23950.
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GrassyKnollGrassyKnoll is a search engine written in Python.

NewsThe Warren Commission has reconvened and development is active again. Huzzah! Interested parties should try the unhork branch. More slides from the talk at Barcamp Chicago on August 16 are up. Slides from the talk at the NYC Python User Group Meeting on June 17 are up. Version 0.4 is due out soon. This will be the first production-ready release. We had a great PyCon2008. Version 0.3 is out! Get it from the download pa...

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Tags: busca search http pagerank java
Bot feito em java com algoritmos para efetuar uma pagerank dos sites da web
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Tags: local ftp http search dotlucene
A search engine based on dotlucene including Chinese segment .