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YaHP Converter
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YaHP is a Java library that allows you to convert an HTML document into a PDF document.
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Tags: learning swing spider regexp http
Con este proyecto intento aprender como utilizar expresiones regulares y crear un spider para web en java.

Probablemente le resulte útil a alguien más, como programa funcional o como código para aprender java.

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Savvy Insight provides a web based business application server using REST (Representational State Transfer). Includes accounting, messaging, inventory, crm, manufacturing, and other types of ERP related modules. The project also provides a Java Swing based client.

Project is currently in pre-alpha / planning stage.

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Tags: xml http client suittar gui swing twitter java
NoticePlease see the following New BSD license and confirm the terms of use.

Application EnviromentJava Runtime Environment (JRE) 5.0 or higher

platform MacOSX Leopard / Windows (XP|VISTA)

IRC Channel#suittar@freenode.

English or Japanese.

please use UTF8

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