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XSL EngineProject InfoXSLE Server

XSLE Java Client

XSLE Oracle PL/SQL Client (Source)

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System CharacteristicsUnited processing of XSL transformations; Independence on programming environment; Removal of load from other applications; High throughput of the system; The possibility to increase the throughput of the XSL transformations by setting up new servers; Realisation in Java; Operation in Apache Tomcat Web container; Communication via HT...

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XAware 5 is open source data integration software for creating and managing composite data services for SOA and Web 2.0 applications.
XAware enhances the productivity of other development tools and frameworks by building composite data services. These services provide real-time access to information and the ability to abstract, transform, aggregate and mashup data. Developers use these XAware capabilities to create a data virtualization layer, which delivers a single view of re-usa...