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android client gui java json suittar swing tabbed
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Tags: http xml tabbed android twitter
Bitter Tweet Symphony is a tab-based Twitter clientDesign goals:

Readable, maintainable code Focus on core tasks rather than being full-featured Handle connection failures without losing information Be quiet - no notification blizzards Match visual style of twitter.com Project state:

Beta / Do Not Use To Control Nuclear Reactors

Highlights: You probably won't want to use this as your primary twitter client, but I hope the code is useful reading. tabbed interface handling vie...

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Tags: xml http client suittar gui swing twitter java
NoticePlease see the following New BSD license and confirm the terms of use.

Application EnviromentJava Runtime Environment (JRE) 5.0 or higher

platform MacOSX Leopard / Windows (XP|VISTA)

IRC Channel#suittar@freenode.

English or Japanese.

please use UTF8

Thanks.Twitter4JCopyright (c) 2007,Yusuke Yamamoto All rights reserved.


Mille Mercis à : M. Yusuke Yamamoto

JFontChooser.Copyright 2004-2007 Masa...

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Tags: xml json http java twitter
Some interesting features:

Asynchronous retrieval of user profile images; Caching of user profile images; Glass panes usage :). Abstracted data handling (supporting JSON and XML); System tray support for windows/linux; Need more ideas, please.

Development screenshot (taken on linux, using system look and feel (GTK)):