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Insight Toolkit
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Insight Segmentation and Registration Toolkit (ITK) is an open-source software system to support the Visible Human Project. Currently under active development, ITK employs leading-edge segmentation and registration algorithms in two, three, and more dimensions.
JGraph Diagram Component
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JGraph is a free, mature, and robust Java Graphing framework that fully complies with Swing design principles. It contains all the graph visualization and interaction functionality you might expect in a graph library, including multiple views, layering, zoom, drag and drop, undo, automatic expanding and collapsing, routing, and layouts. You can create stunning workflow editors, call graphs, CAD tools, network diagrams, database visualization tools, and more. It can also be deployed on the server...
ImageJ Plugins
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The 'ImageJ Plugins' project is a source of custom plugins for the Image/J software. Image/J is a public domain image processing and analysis program developed in Java (http://rsb.info.nih.gov/ij/).
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Tags: graphics photo image java editor
Image Enhancement:
Supports smoothing, sharpening, edge detection, median filtering and thresholding on both 8-bit grayscale and RGB color images. Interactively adjust brightness and contrast of 8, 16 and 32-bit images.
Geometric Operations:
Crop, scale, resize and rotate. Flip vertically or horizontally.
Measure area, mean, standard deviation, min and max of selection or entire image. Measure lengths a...
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Tags: image jai java
Message from the owner(s)
NOTICE: License Change. jrawio up to 1.0RC5 has been released under the MIT License. Starting from 9/Nov/2006 and the forthcoming releases, the Apache License v2 is being used.
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Video4Linux4Java (v4l4j) is a GPL'd java package providing simple access to the capture interface of the Video4Linux (V4L) API from Java.

Using v4l4j, an application can:
- retrieve information about a video device (video inputs, capture resolutions, image formats, video standards, tuners, ...),
- capture frames from any V4L-supported devices, which includes USB/Firewire webcams, video capture cards and tuner cards,
- access video controls, such a...

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피카툰(P1Cartoon)은 후지쯔 P1510 노트북같은 작은 화면에서 만화를 보기 쉽게 하기 위한 유틸리티 제작 프로젝트입니다. Java, SWT 를 사용합니다.
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Some contributions to be integrated in ITK
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Tags: parser expression operator jai image java
jai-tools is for Java developers who work with the Java Advanced Imaging library. It provides new image operator classes to extend the range of analysis and image creation functions in the standard JAI distribution.

Also included is Jiffle: a language and interpreter for image creation and analyis.

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The Java Mass JPEG Resizer Tool has following Features:

* Resize all JPEG Images of a specified Directory
* Create Webgalleries
* Resize and pack Images to an ZIP File for E-Mail Attachments
* Multilingual (German/English)
* A Java based program (Support for Unix, Linux, Windows, MacOs and more)

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Tags: java graphics collection album image photo
PhotOrganizer is a Java desktop application for browsing and managing a digital image collection.
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RDV is a visualization environment for scientific and engineering data. Built on top of the RBNB dynamic data server, it supports local and remote data sources and can visualize numeric, video, image, and audio data in a number of different ways.
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P2P program for the interchange of video and image using the messagins system of Gmail.
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In MASTER FIRST YEAR in Montpellier-II university,

we must programe a image compressor, we don't decided tu use JPEG or GIF, we created the .grol format.

the algorithm is simple: detect rectangles in Y, Cr or Cb masks. (Y U V)

and we store there rectangles in a binary file.

we can open this binary file to open and read the images.

today this project sent to our responsibles,

the user interface is the principal goal. because with this, we can, like photos...

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Tags: image java gif
Java 5 supports reading GIF files. Java 6 also supports writing GIF files. I needed a nice way to write gif images from Java 5. A lot of GIF packages exists for Java 5. But most of them does not give the same nice result as the implementation by Sun. Since I couldn't upgrade to Java 6 in my project, I backported parts of the javax.imageio package from openjdk-6-src-b09-11_apr_2008 (Can be downloaded from http://openjdk.java.net), so that it can run on Java 5. I've introduced new package names, s...
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Tags: free source open java organizer photo picture image
PicOrganizer provides a simple interface for viewing and sorting large collections of images. Images in a folder can be viewed individually, renamed, tagged, then moved to another pre-configured folder.

Please note that this project is in alpha status. Many features don't work properly and others aren't yet implemented.

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Tags: server image veoobserver webcam camera java
This is a Java application which serves as an interface to the Veo Observer netcam. It is based on the excellent groundwork done by J.R. (http://www.halo3.net/projects/veo/). I tried to contact him to get his permission to use his code, but got no response. I'm assuming that since he posted the source code on the web that he wouldn't mind. ;-)

The current functionality includes viewing any of the 3 supported streams, moving the camera, and functioning as an image server for the web. M...

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Computer Vision Images Processing (CVIP) is an academic project which focuses on processing images in a cluster of computers using Java Spaces technology.
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Overviewjblogbackup is a Java command line tool which allows you to backup your Blogger blog content including the following:

posts comments images (including the larger click-through images)

Blog content is downloaded and processed into one directory which contains the following:

index.html : all blog posts and comments in one HTML file styles.css : CSS style sheet images/ directory : contains all downloaded images using the same file name as Blogger. The larger "click-thro...

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Tags: image api library graphic images png java
Standalone Java library for reading and writing images in PNG format. Small and simple, unrelated to javax.io, AWT or external libraries. The API provides sequential line-oriented read and writes, for true-colour images (RGB/RGBA, 8 and 16 bpp), with minimum memory footprint. Specially appropiate for huge images, not to be fully loaded in memory.