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F-Spot is a full-featured personal photo management application for the GNOME desktop (http://www.gnome.org/).

F-Spot simplifies digital photography by providing intuitive tools to help you share, touch-up, find and organize your images.

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Gwenview is a fast and easy to use image viewer/browser for KDE. All common image formats are supported. Standard features include slideshow, full screen view, image thumbnails, drag'n'drop, image zoom, and full network transparency using the KIO framework. It also provides image and directory KParts components for use in applications such as Konqueror. Additional features are provided by the KIPI image framework.
Coppermine Photo Gallery
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Coppermine is an **easily** set-up, fast, feature-rich photo gallery script with mySQL database, user management, private galleries, automatic thumbnail creation, ecard feature and a template system for easy customization to match the rest of a site.
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Piwigo is a photo gallery system for the Web. The project started in 2002 and was built by an active community of users and developers. It comes with powerful features for publishing and managing your photos, scalability, and smart browsing capabilities such as categories, tags, or chronology. It is Web and photo standard compliant. Extensions make Piwigo even more scalable and customizable.

Piwigo was previously named PhpWebGallery.

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Tags: metadata library exif perl image media
ExifTool is a platform-independent Perl library plus a command-line application for reading, writing and editing meta information in image, audio and video files. ExifTool supports many different types of metadata including EXIF, GPS, IPTC, XMP, JFIF, GeoTIFF, ICC Profile, Photoshop IRB, FlashPix, AFCP and ID3, as well as the maker notes of many digital cameras by Canon, Casio, FujiFilm, HP, JVC/Victor, Kodak, Leaf, Minolta/Konica-Minolta, Nikon, Olympus/Epson, Panasonic/Leica, Pentax/Asahi, Ric...
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Exiv2 is a C++ library and a command line utility to manage image metadata. It provides fast and easy read and write access to the Exif, IPTC and XMP metadata of images in many formats.
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Renrot is utility written on perl, it's aim is to do different processing tasks upon the files (especially those containing EXIF data).

Renrot renames files according the flexible name template (allowing DateTimeOriginal and FileModifyDate EXIF tags, if they exist, otherwise, the name will be set according to the current timestamp). Further, renrot can aggregate files according shooting time period or given template.

Additionally, it can lossless rotate JPEGs and their thumbnails, ac...

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imgSeek is a photo collection manager and viewer with content-based search and many other features. The query is expressed either as a rough sketch painted by the user or as another image you supply (or an image in your collection). The searching algorithm makes use of multiresolution wavelet decomposition of the query and database images.
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Tags: thumbnail photo iptc mono xmp metadata exif c# image tag library
A GObject and a .NET binding for Exiv2
Gallery 3
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Gallery3 manages and presents media organized into a hierarchy on well formed web pages.

Gallery3 is a complete rewrite based on a newly analyzed set of requirements. The original design is presented on the sprint page.

It is written in the kohana framework which provides an MVC structure. Kohana is documented here.

The goal of the Gallery3 team was to build a basic product that provided a facility for managing and presenting an organized set of media as well as a basic API tha...

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lazygal is another static web gallery generator written in Python. It is command line based, uses reusable engine and is lazy - it regenerates only parts that have to be regenerated.

There is support for many interesting features like subgalleries, EXIF information, theming and custom folder meta data. Included themes are pure XHTML + CSS.

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Lifebox is a fast, lightweight, social photo and video gallery application that is designed to organize large amounts of media. It differentiates between original and modified photos, as well as albums and rolls, so you can upload your entire photo library to your server and from there create more selective albums. It extracts data from exif tags and xmp sidecars, making it compatible with the data from programs like Adobe Lightroom, Picassa, and iPhoto. Lifebox is social in that people and obje...
Rapid Photo Downloader
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Photo downloader (importer) from memory cards and portable storage devices.

Rapid Photo Downloader is written by a photographer for professional and amateur photographers, designed for use on the GNOME 2 Desktop. It can download photos from multiple memory cards and portable storage devices simultaneously. It provides many options for subfolder creation, image renaming and backup.
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This is an Automator action (for Apple Automator.app) that takes a list of files as input and will move them according to a special pattern which can use the metadata fields of the file.

You will be able to move images according to their EXIF data (date taken, camera model, ...), move audio files according to their ID3 tags (artist, title, ...), move PDF files according to their author, etc... etc...

EXIF tag
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Tags: tag metadata spip photography exif image plugin template balise
This plugin for SPIP pa new tag to access the EXIF data of photos directly form your template
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Exempi is a library to handle with XMP metadata, including parsing, reading and write out of know data files.

Exempi 2.0 is based on the official Adobe code ported to Linux.

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I have used several tools to do this workflow after taking digital photographs:

Connect camera to computer Transfer files to a directory Rotate pictures by EXIF orientation information (saved by the camera) Rename pictures by EXIF creation date. Sort pictures to subfolders by date. Since I didn't find a single tool to do all this I naturally decided to make my own tool :-)

FlickFleck will enable you to transfer jpg photos from your digicam memory card. These files will be r...

KDE Image Plugin Interface
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KIPI (KDE Image Plugin Interface) is an effort to develop a common plugin structure for Digikam, KPhotoAlbum, ShowImg and Gwenview. Of course, other applications are welcomed to implement KIPI support.
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OMERO is modern client-server software for visualising, managing, and annotating microscope images and metadata. The OMERO components also provide image importing, archiving, protocol recording, and user administration. OMERO consists of a Java server, several Java client applications, as well as Python and C++ bindings and a Django-based web application.

OMERO is designed, developed and released by the Open Microscopy Environment, with contributions from Glencoe Software, Inc. OMERO is re...