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VLMa is a Java application which provides a daemon and a web interface to manage several VLC streamers.

It has some nice features like:
- dynamic stream assignments (incl. fallback if a server is unavailable)
- drawing of the servers stats as RRD graphs
- and more...

It is designed to be used in large networks such as universities or corporate networks.

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Tags: administration monitoring java j2ee jmx
Monitor4jmx lets administrators and users of J2EE systems to monitor and observe a JMX enabled system through a easy-to-use user interface. Monitor4jmx can dynamically discover and inspect all MBeans and attributes on these MBeans on a server dynamically at runtime and offer this list for threshold monitoring to the administrator. The attributes selected by the administrator can then be recorded along with a user specified threshold value, which can then be watched by Monitor4jmx continously at ...