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Spring Framework
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Spring is a lightweight Java/J2EE application framework based on code published in "Expert One-on-One J2EE Design and Development" by Rod Johnson. It includes powerful JavaBeans-based configuration management applying Inversion-of-Control principles, a generic abstraction layer for transaction management allowing for pluggable transaction managers, a JDBC abstraction layer, integration with Hibernate, JDO, Apache OJB, and iBATIS SQL Maps, AOP functionality, and a flexible MVC Web application fra...
Quartz Enterprise Job Scheduler
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Quartz is an enterprise-class job scheduler for integration with stand-alone Java applications and full-scale J2EE applications. Advanced features include clustering and participation in container managed transactions. It is highly scalable, very lightweight, and supports very complex scheduling.
Open For Business Project (Apache OFBiz)
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The Open For Business Project is a set of tools and enterprise applications including ERP, CRM, e-commerce, SCM, MRP, and CMMS/EAM. It uses a service oriented and events driven architecture and tools to automate all aspects of application development and maintenance.

Today, Mon Apr 20 2009, the Apache OFBiz team proudly announces version 9.04.
For more informations see link below

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Reverspring is a Java library that allows you to create Spring IoC XML files from POJO at runtime, with detailed configuration about what to add in the descriptor and how to write it.
Tudu Lists
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Tudu Lists is an on-line application for managing todo lists. With Tudu Lists, todo lists can be easily accessed, edited and shared on the Web. It is a simple but effective project management tool.
AppFuse Light
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AppFuse Light is a lightweight version of AppFuse. I was inspired to create it when looking at the struts-blank and webapp-minimal applications that ship with Struts and Spring, respectively. These "starter" apps were not robust enough for me, and I wanted something like AppFuse, only simpler.
Azuki Framework
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The Azuki Framework is a java application framework designed to reduce the development, deployment and maintenance costs of software systems. It provides a rapid application assembly from known components in order to build large systems.
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Tags: j2ee hibernate application java swing framework spring
Inicio de una pequeña gestión de trazabilidad y pruebas de combinación de varios frameworks
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NOTE: coming soon !!! Not yet uploaded here.

Description for technicians:This project is the combination of J2EE staff (spring, hibernate etc) with google web tools as GUI. It's intention is to provide base for building business automation projects. It's main goal to let business application developers to concentrate on business logic, without spending much time for technologies integration and technical issues. For those who are familiar with Appfuse.org, this project can be considered a...

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BookStore facilitates book stores to maintain their books by classifying them under different categories. The application has a customer view which can be exposed on the internet. Customer can browse by Category, Search books by year, publisher, name, ISBN and author.
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Java Web Application Security Framework to solve web application vulnerabilities

HDIV extends web applications’ behaviour by adding Security functionalities, maintaining the API and the framework specification. This implies that we can use HDIV in applications developed in Struts 1.x, Struts 2.x, Spring MVC and JSTL in a transparent way to the programmer and without adding any complexity to the application development.

The security functionalities added to the web applications are th...

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Tags: controller view model j2ee karrigell server application web python
KAppServer: An Enhanced Application Server1. What is Karrigell?In Pierre Quentel's words: Karrigell is a flexible Python web framework, with a clear and intuitive syntax. It is independant from any database, ORM or templating engine, and lets the programmer choose between a variety of coding styles.

2. How do you propose to make it better?KAppServer is a derivative work of Karrigell in that adds features that will allow the developer better productivity. Built in components that are goal...

Simple Web Framework
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Event based Web framework for Struts programmers that do not want to migrate to JSF.