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The example code to accompany "Ant in Action", the second edition of "Java Development with Ant".

The actual code shows how to use Ant and Ivy for a build and release of a diary web application that serves the data up as an Atom feed, and uses EJB to persist the diary data to a database.

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The BinBase Database system was created to provide an accurate and fast solution for the analysis of thousand of Chromatograms and to create a library of compounds. Better known as Bins.

The system is so designed that it can be easily extended and adapted for your specific problems.

You also have the possibilities to use it in different runtime configurations like:

* using it as standalone system
* using it with a cluster
* using it with ...

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NOTE: coming soon !!! Not yet uploaded here.

Description for technicians:This project is the combination of J2EE staff (spring, hibernate etc) with google web tools as GUI. It's intention is to provide base for building business automation projects. It's main goal to let business application developers to concentrate on business logic, without spending much time for technologies integration and technical issues. For those who are familiar with Appfuse.org, this project can be considered a...

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Tags: j2ee deptauto psna mullai automation department
Automation of academic activities of a department using HTML,JSP and Servlets and a backend database