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CinchBlog is a Java Enterprise Blog system that is easy to setup, configure and use. The project is currently in the design phase. Some code has been committed which will deploy in the JBoss container, but it doesn't do much yet.

CinchBlogRequirements - A list of things I'd like to see CinchBlog do differently than the other solutions that are currently available. HowToSetupDev - Step by step instructions on how you can help contribute to this project. DiscussionGroups - The place to talk...

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Projects provides the Human Resource Management System, Project Management and Defect Tracking System including Knowledge Management System for Organization.Planning to include each and every Application useful for Running large Organizations.

The main Features Available in Application are 1] Application Infrastructure Services(Admin,Security,SSO,User Management etc) 2] Personalization 3] HRMS 5] Project Management 6] Defect Tracking System 7] Collaboration Suite(Calendar,mail,Notes, Inst...

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Tags: bloj j2ee java blog
Aplicacion web para la creacion de blog basado en tecnologia J2EE