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JBoss Portal
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JBoss Portal provides an open source platform for hosting and serving a portal's Web interface, publishing and managing its content, and customizing its experience.
Open For Business Project (Apache OFBiz)
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The Open For Business Project is a set of tools and enterprise applications including ERP, CRM, e-commerce, SCM, MRP, and CMMS/EAM. It uses a service oriented and events driven architecture and tools to automate all aspects of application development and maintenance.

Today, Mon Apr 20 2009, the Apache OFBiz team proudly announces version 9.04.
For more informations see link below

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NOTE: coming soon !!! Not yet uploaded here.

Description for technicians:This project is the combination of J2EE staff (spring, hibernate etc) with google web tools as GUI. It's intention is to provide base for building business automation projects. It's main goal to let business application developers to concentrate on business logic, without spending much time for technologies integration and technical issues. For those who are familiar with Appfuse.org, this project can be considered a...

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DataVision is a reporting tool similar to Crystal Reports, written in Java. It supports multiple data sources (JDBC, text files) and output formats (HTML, XML, PDF, LaTeX, comma- and tab-separated data files, and DocBook). It lets you design reports with a drag-and-drop GUI. Report descriptions are stored as XML.
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Add rules to any POJO or Spring bean in no time avoiding the complexity of configuring a Business Rules Engine.

Drools 4 BRE is used by default.

RULES4SPRING# Write o transform your services into Semantic Services. Or just add some declarative rules to any Spring Bean or POJO.

# Fast and easy configuration using annotations and Spring.

# Hides the complexity behind a BRE allowing developers to concentrate in the development of the semantics and rules.

# A...