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AndroMDA is a code generation framework that follows the model driven architecture (MDA) paradigm. It takes a UML model from a CASE-tool and generates classes and deployable components (J2EE or other).
J2EE Spider
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J2EE Spider is a open source tool for rapidly developing form-based web applications.

The main concerns of the project are usability, integration with development plataform, freedom to choose which code needs to be generated, incremental development generation and customization of code templates to better fit the needs of the development team.


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MD4J is a passive, model driven, extensible J2EE webapp generator used through Ant or Maven. Currently Hibernate 3 mappings are supported as input, with EJB 2.1, Struts 1.x and JSP 2.0 as output for CRUD and Search operations with patterns like MVC, DAO and SessionFacade.

One of the main features of MD4J is that it allows you to work on your model iteratively, providing a complete J2EE application following your model changes. So, each time you edit your model and build your project, MD4J ...

Jdon Framework
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Jdon is a meta framework , a rapid J2EE development framework. it has a simple but powerful ioc/aop core. and seamlessly supports two kinds of service: EJB and POJO services, it supplys a fast way for developing data crud and batch query functions.