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Eclipse Web Tools Platform (WTP)
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Tags: eclipse tools wtp java j2ee services
The Eclipse Web Tools Platform (WTP) project extends the Eclipse platform with tools for developing Java EE and Web applications. The WTP project includes the following tools: source editors for HTML, JavaScript, CSS, JSP, SQL, XML, DTD, XSD, and WSDL; graphical editors for XSD and WSDL; Java EE project setup, builders, and models, Java EE contributions to the common navigators; a Web service wizard and explorer, and WS-I Test Tool.
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AndroMDA is a code generation framework that follows the model driven architecture (MDA) paradigm. It takes a UML model from a CASE-tool and generates classes and deployable components (J2EE or other).
Struts Applications
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Struts is a Jakarta project that provides a J2EE framework for building Web applications. It is based on a Model 2 approach, a variant of MVC. Struts provides its own Controller component and integrates with other technologies to provide the Model and the View. For the Model, Struts can interact with any standard data access technology, including Enterprise Java Beans, JDBC, and Object Relational Bridge. For the View, Struts works well with JavaServer Pages, Velocity Templates, XSLT, and other p...
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Open Source framework designed to build easily Web 2.0 applications,
based on a "Client/Server" principle, using J2EE (Servlet, JSP, JDBC),
lightweight clients and AJAX technology (XML requests via HTTP)
J2EE Spider
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J2EE Spider is a open source tool for rapidly developing form-based web applications.

The main concerns of the project are usability, integration with development plataform, freedom to choose which code needs to be generated, incremental development generation and customization of code templates to better fit the needs of the development team.


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The example code to accompany "Ant in Action", the second edition of "Java Development with Ant".

The actual code shows how to use Ant and Ivy for a build and release of a diary web application that serves the data up as an Atom feed, and uses EJB to persist the diary data to a database.

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The BinBase Database system was created to provide an accurate and fast solution for the analysis of thousand of Chromatograms and to create a library of compounds. Better known as Bins.

The system is so designed that it can be easily extended and adapted for your specific problems.

You also have the possibilities to use it in different runtime configurations like:

* using it as standalone system
* using it with a cluster
* using it with ...

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Tags: ow2 hotdeploy jonas java eclipse wtp j2ee
JOPE (JOnAS Plugin for Eclipse) is an open source JOnAS plugin for Eclipse designed for the developers of JOnAS 4.x and JOnAS 5.x.
The plugin makes easier the development and the deployment of Java EE applications in Eclipse and provides hotdeploy deployment capabilities to reduce development time.
JOPE is an OW2 project.
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Tags: eclipse-plugin eclipse j2ee
Lomboz is an eclipse plug-in for J2EE developers by extending eclipse JDT. It employs some of the proven open-source technologies. Supporting the complete development cycle: Code, deploy, test and debug.
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Tags: build ant java j2ee eclipse perl
Baseliner is a project intended to develop a full server and web application in Perl to manage the release management process of checkout, build and deployment of applications.

It will cover the lifecycle from the code repository (ie. SVN, CVS, Git, Perforce, Harvest, Clearcase, Team Foundation) to the execution server (ie. Websphere, IIS...).

It should cover the following technologies and applications: Ant, Nant, make, Maven, CruiseControl, Eclipse, Tomcat, Websphere, Weblogic, ...

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开发环境采用eclipse ganymede + JDK 5.0 Update 16 +Tomcat 5.5.26;

第一阶段目标实现SSH2框架环境的整合; 实现用户登录功能; 对用户登录过程中所输入的各类情况作判断,包括恶意输入及注入攻击; 第二阶段目标设计首页对数据库中已有的产品进行列表展示,包括文字与图片信息; 展示分为目录列表及产品详情页面; 第三阶段目标实现产品后台管理,用户通过登录系统验证后,才可进入后台管理系统; 用户管理,基本的用户增、删、改、查; 产品管理,对产品进行增删改查的基本操作; 权限管理,给不同的用户分配不同的权限; phengchen@gmail.com

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Tags: eclipse j2ee java
Différents projets d'Empeiria: exemple, tests, démos
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This is the source code for a website I created for a non-profit program aimed at helping the homeless in a practical, safe, and meaningful way. In 2007, the project was run in 4 cities (including New York and Chicago), had national media coverage, and helped collect 1700 gifts from 450 donors that were distributed to almost 1000 homeless individuals. In 2008, the number of participating cities is already set to double, with BIG plans to grow further in the future.

Unfortunately, I have V...

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Tags: embedded python eclipse j2ee jboss
Тестовая площадка для опытов и исследований :)
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Tags: eclipse svn http html sql datastructure regex oracle j2ee j2se
Java程序员知识库1. J2SE相关的知识结构、示例代码、项目工程;
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Tags: subversion eclipse j2ee
using eclipse to implement the oa
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Simple J2EE Application server based on OpenEJB and EclipseLink. Can be used for testing and development ejb and jpa projects. Can be runned as standalone Java application.
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Tags: stripes eclipse j2ee java reporting birt
Code base to start generating reports with the Eclipse-based reporting system: Business Intelligence and Reporting Tools (BIRT).

Includes examples on how to generate reports in HTML, PDF, Excel, Word, Powerpoint, and Postscript formats and deploying them with the Stripes Framework.

Tested with JBoss 4.2.2 and Tomcat 6.0. Note: Tomcat requires you to copy log4j.jar and commons-logging.jar files to your server lib folder.

Please feel free to suggest new features or report any ...

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Tags: struts eclipse j2ee java reporting birt
Code base to start generating reports with the Eclipse-based reporting system: Business Intelligence and Reporting Tools (BIRT).

Includes examples on how to generate reports in HTML, PDF, and XLS formats and deploying them with Servlets or Jakarta Struts Framework.

Please feel free to suggest new features or report any bug.

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Tags: ufcg les lsd eclipse j2se j2ee gwt-ext gwt java
Projeto WBIS para o Suporte do LSD: Controle de Patrimônio (maquinas, componentes de rede, servidores, monitores etc).

Todas as organizações que possuem equipamentos de informática precisam manter o controle de tal patrimônio. Atualmente, não são encontrados no mercado ferramentas gratuitas e simples de serem usadas que permitam tal gerenciamento. Por equipamentos de informática entendem-se equipamentos de rede, servidores e máquinas clientes.

O software de gerência de patrimônio d...