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Apache Cocoon
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Apache Cocoon is a web development framework built around the concepts of separation of concerns and component-based web development. Cocoon is "web glue for your web application development needs". It is a glue that keeps concerns separate and allows parallel evolution of all aspects of a web application, improving development pace and reducing the chance of conflicts.
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OpenCms is a professional, easy to use website content management system. OpenCms helps content managers worldwide to create and maintain beautiful websites fast and efficiently.

The fully browser based user interface features configurable editors for structured content with well defined fields. Alternatively, content can be created using an integrated WYSIWYG editor similar to well known office applications. A sophisticated template engine enforces a site-wide corporate layout and W3C sta...

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Jahia is an Enterprise Web Content Management System coupled with an integrated Document Management Server and a Corporate Portal Solution.

Jahia delivers a complete, standardized and easy-to-use Unified Web Content Platform.

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A J2EE module which integrates i18n feature to the web application !

Tutorial:Read the User Guide and start using it. Features:Internationalize multile components in web-app like images, graphics and texts. J2EE resource bundle implementation type. Separate module to process each kind of resource bundle. Extend the functionality of each resource bundle processor. It is open source -- You can customize for your flavour. Requirements:OS - Windows NT, Windows XP or higher. Server - IBM WebSh...