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Spring Framework
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Spring is a lightweight Java/J2EE application framework based on code published in "Expert One-on-One J2EE Design and Development" by Rod Johnson. It includes powerful JavaBeans-based configuration management applying Inversion-of-Control principles, a generic abstraction layer for transaction management allowing for pluggable transaction managers, a JDBC abstraction layer, integration with Hibernate, JDO, Apache OJB, and iBATIS SQL Maps, AOP functionality, and a flexible MVC Web application fra...
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A collection of modules, add-ons and integration tools for the Spring Framework.
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Reverspring is a Java library that allows you to create Spring IoC XML files from POJO at runtime, with detailed configuration about what to add in the descriptor and how to write it.
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Spring-Annotation is a library that enables the use or annotations to configure your application using spring-framework as a backend.
In the next versions it will enable the use of standard Java EE annotations as an alternative way to configure your application, but without a need for a full Java EE 5 application server.
Azuki Framework
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The Azuki Framework is a java application framework designed to reduce the development, deployment and maintenance costs of software systems. It provides a rapid application assembly from known components in order to build large systems.
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FrameworksComme framework de base dans cette application: Hibernate-annotation partie DAO. GWT-Ext et du Ajax pour la partie front office. Axis2 pour le déploiement des web services. Spring pour la communication entre les différentes couches (Injection IOC), gestion des transaction et implémentation de sécurité. JUnit et DbUnit pour les tests unitaires. Jboss comme serveur des web services et web. MySQL comme serveur de données. Maven 2.0.8 pour le gestion du build de l'application. Eclipse comm...
Jdon Framework
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Jdon is a meta framework , a rapid J2EE development framework. it has a simple but powerful ioc/aop core. and seamlessly supports two kinds of service: EJB and POJO services, it supplys a fast way for developing data crud and batch query functions.