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JBoss Application Server
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JBoss Application Server is the #1 most widely used Java application server on the market. A J2EE certified platform for developing and deploying enterprise Java applications, Web applications, and Portals, JBoss Application Server provides the full range of J2EE 1.4 features as well as extended enterprise services including clustering, caching, and persistence.
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A JavaServer Faces specific view-technology that combines the ease of Tapestry-like components with the familiar syntax of JSP within valid XML-syntax and EL use. Incorporating custom UIComponents is extremely easy, including being able to define Component trees in other files. Additional features include a high performance templating framework that makes composing JSF pages extremely simple.
JBoss Portal
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JBoss Portal provides an open source platform for hosting and serving a portal's Web interface, publishing and managing its content, and customizing its experience.
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[fleXive] is a Java EE 5 open-source (LGPL) framework for the development of complex and evolving (web-)applications. It speeds up development by easing many tedious and repetitive programming tasks.

[fleXive] concentrates on enterprise-scale content modeling, storage and retrieval, and includes comprehensive JSF support for displaying and manipulating these contents in (web) applications. The runtime environment can be included in existing Java EE applications, but you can also build new ...

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The gateway is developed by the Vermont Department of Taxes and provides a web services framework for accepting Streamlined Sales Tax registrations and returns. It also includes a Web interface for manually submitting transmissions. The goal is to build an extensible framework upon which future tax services can be built.
SubEtha Mail
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Tags: mailing-list java jboss j2ee email
SubEtha is a modern, sophisticated mailing list manager with many cool features.
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The example code to accompany "Ant in Action", the second edition of "Java Development with Ant".

The actual code shows how to use Ant and Ivy for a build and release of a diary web application that serves the data up as an Atom feed, and uses EJB to persist the diary data to a database.

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The BinBase Database system was created to provide an accurate and fast solution for the analysis of thousand of Chromatograms and to create a library of compounds. Better known as Bins.

The system is so designed that it can be easily extended and adapted for your specific problems.

You also have the possibilities to use it in different runtime configurations like:

* using it as standalone system
* using it with a cluster
* using it with ...

Full Service Virtual
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Framework for create aplication on my company FullService Consulting (www.full.srv.br). this framework use the zipper-framework and extends this for create Swing and JSF/Richafaces Aplication.

The objective for share the project is make a best work source, share knowledge.

JBoss Negotiation
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JBoss Negotiation is a valve and login module to add SPNEGO negotiation to web applications deployed to JBossAS.
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This project is aimed to build a Magic the Gathering collection website with features such as: - collection tracking - import functions for MTG Workstation, Apprentice or plain text - deck-building, saving and sharing - buying and selling cards - organizing trades / sales etc.

The main thing I'm missing in other projects is a full complete database, including all the rare misprints, promo's etc.

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Tags: j2ee java plugin jboss struts2 ejb3
Enables to inject EJB3 beans into xwork2 actions via annotations. For example:

private UserSessionBeanIfc userSessionBean;It's loosely based on strut2ejb3 plugin http://code.google.com/p/struts2ejb3/ , added caching optimalizations so it will behave more efficiently during runtime.

At the moment it is specifically targeted at JBoss - updates will follow shortly so other app. servers will be supported.

configuration example:

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Isty is next generation swing JMX console for managing all java based servers, including Tomcat, JOnAS, Resin, JBoss, Geronimo, Jetty.
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Tags: wis j2ee jboss
This is a sowtfare engeneering project for the course at Politecnico in Milan, Italy.
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This project will be an extension for stripes to enable support for CanDI (JSR-299: Context and Dependency Injection). It will supply extensions to stripes to enable JSR-299 injection (and context) support.

Initially there is support for Resin, JBoss, and Apache containers.

Take a look at the HomePage for more info.

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Tags: feeds atom rss velocity jsp jboss j2ee java cinch blog
CinchBlog is a Java Enterprise Blog system that is easy to setup, configure and use. The project is currently in the design phase. Some code has been committed which will deploy in the JBoss container, but it doesn't do much yet.

CinchBlogRequirements - A list of things I'd like to see CinchBlog do differently than the other solutions that are currently available. HowToSetupDev - Step by step instructions on how you can help contribute to this project. DiscussionGroups - The place to talk...

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This project will be an extension for stripes to enable support for ConDI (JSR-299: Context w/ Dependency Injection). It will supply extensions to stripes to enable JSR-299 injection (and context) support.

Initially there is support for Resin, JBoss, and Apache containers.

Take a look at the HomePage for more info.

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Tags: java jboss j2ee jsf
Cruise Manager
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Tags: zk ajax ejb3 jboss j2ee java
ECCO Australia
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Tags: tomcat jboss j2ee lzx java openlaszlo
EU4RIA is a simple framework designed to integrate OpenLaszlo applications with Java/J2EE server-side components in minutes. If you don't know what OpenLaszlo is, go to openlaszlo.org and see how to transform your web application into a Rich Internet Application. Using EU4RIA annotations on your classes and methods, you can generate LZX stubs in order to invoke Java methods from LZX code. Consider this simple Java class:

public class MyClass{

@Action ...