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Liferay Portal
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Liferay Portal is the world's leading enterprise open source portal framework, offering integrated Web publishing and content management, an enterprise service bus and service-oriented architecture, and compatibility with all major IT infrastructures.
JBoss Portal
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JBoss Portal provides an open source platform for hosting and serving a portal's Web interface, publishing and managing its content, and customizing its experience.
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Jahia is an Enterprise Web Content Management System coupled with an integrated Document Management Server and a Corporate Portal Solution.

Jahia delivers a complete, standardized and easy-to-use Unified Web Content Platform.

JetSpeed 2
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Jetspeed is an Open Source implementation of an Enterprise Information Portal, written in Java and XML. Within a Jetspeed portal, individual portlets can be aggregated to create a page. Each portlet is an independent application with Jetspeed acting as the central hub making information from multiple sources available in an easy to use manner.
Dashboard Studio
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This is a new intiative to develop a unique Dashboarding application. The development will be in PHP. The studio will allow to connect to any database and Excel files. It will allow you to create reports and Dashboards. Dashboard Studio will be able to import dashboard definitions directly from InfoCaptor Designer. It will also have in-built role and security mechanism. This will be a totally new application from InfoCaptor which is a java based Dashboard application.
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Tags: j2ee portal portlet java
Gems provides a free collection of portlets that could be used in any JSR-168 compliant portal platform
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A jee web merging framework.