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Trails Framework
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Trails is a domain driven development framework for Java that aims to bring some of the excellent ideas of Ruby on Rails to the Java platform. By developing a POJO domain model with some annotations, it is possible to get a fully working Spring/Hibernate/Tapestry application without custom development. Trails does this without any source code generation and all screens are fully customizable as needed. As well, Trails provides other features such as validation, role based security and I18N.
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Warbler is a gem to make a .war file out of a Rails project. The intent is to provide a minimal, flexible, ruby-like way to bundle up all of your application files for deployment to a Java application server.

Warbler provides a sane set of out-of-the box defaults that should allow most Rails applications without external gem dependencies (aside from Rails itself) to assemble and Just Work.

Warbler bundles JRuby and the JRuby-Rack servlet adapter for dispatching requests to your appli...

Slingshot Application Framework
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Tags: j2ee web mvc rails groovy framework java
A full stack rapid application development framework for Java & Groovy. Targeting small to mid-size web apps and those needing rapid prototyping, it consists of several pluggable modules. This will enable end users to pick and choose which aspects they want and leave open the option of replacing them later as their application expands.
MVC module - minimal xml configuration, managed beans, dynamic binding, easy to develop components (in groovy), groovelets/groovy technologies p...