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A runtime for VRML and X3D virtual worlds and models.

OpenVRML includes a core runtime library,
parsers for VRML97 and VRML-format X3D, an OpenGL renderer, and a Mozilla Web browser plug-in.

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Mapstraction is a library that provides a common API for various javascript mapping APIs to enable switching from one to another as smoothly as possible. Developers can code their applications once, and then easily switch mapping provider based on project needs, terms and conditions, and new functionality.

Users can switch maps as desired based on personal taste and quality of maps in their local area. Various tools built on top of Mapstraction allow users to easily integrate maps into the...

Y60 Media Engine
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Mathnetics is an API for creating advanced, interactive, web-based mathematical applications. It defines various important mathematical objects that are inter-related and on which many numerical calculations can be done.

Mathnetics also features rendering of 3D objects onto an SVG canvas (to do so, it includes certain utilities such as browser sniffing, DOM node selection and DOM readiness detection) which is quite robust. A few basic 3D objects are given: Line, Sphere, Cube. But the u...

PolyGraph3D 3D runtime engine for
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Tags: silverlight engine 3d javascript
This is a basic 3D scene graph engine that provides the essential mechanics of displaying 3-dimensional objects in a 2-dimensional viewport using Silverlight 1.0 (3D objects are drawn into any existing Canvas element). This project is 100% cross-browser JavaScript (I.E. and FireFox confirmed - others untested).

PolyGraph3D has many basic features of a typical 3D engine, including polyhedral hierarchies, positioning/scaling/rotation, movable camera, and multiple brushes.

Features that...

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Tags: xml picture javascript 3d svg
That code permits the rotation of a SVG declared Path or Polyline in a 3 dimensional space. The Path or Polyline coordinates are rotated and the result is projected on the screen, creating a 3D impression.
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Tags: canvas rendering math games engine 3d javascript
Welcome to adamia3d, a user-friendly fast 3D engine written entirely in Javascript.

Loads wavefront OBJ files Support for orthographic & perspective rendering No dependencies on other libraries Heavily optimized math library included Full scenegraph based on quaternions and matrices where appropriate Works in all modern browsers except IE (and IE support is being worked on). However, recent Webkit browsers and Firefox 3.1beta perform vastly better than most current browsers.

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Creative CrewCommunity for Artists & Programmers

We are an organization dedicated to fostering talented members of the creative community through the development of applications in a business environment. The club is modeled after a typical development studio with teams working on multiple projects.

ShowcaseDesktop Applications Discover Engine Preview 1 Discover Engine Preview 2 Discover Engine Preview 3 Discover Engine Preview 4 Mobile Applications Google Android Sandbox Previ...

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Tags: 3d jython css html javascript php java3d java
java ide for easy creation of web pages, fully accelerated program, plugs for javascript, php scripting directly in program and for designer is plug to.