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Tags: browsers ajax analyze analysis javascript browser
A JavaScript performance and analyzing tool
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Tags: automatictagging javascript analysis extraction keywords tagging
AutoTagsAutomatic Tag SuggestionsSuggest tags or concepts/keywords (single and compound terms) for a given piece of text with JavaScript using simple unsupervised, semantic analysis.

This approach accounts for common inflections (using a JavaScript implementation of the Porter stemming algorithm) supported by a configurable white- and black list of terms. Compound terms are detected through bigram analysis and pattern matching of capitalised word sequences; taking into account boundaries ...

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GuanooGuanoo is a collection of web data collection and analytics services written in Perl and other scripting languages. It runs on Linux, Mac OS X and Solaris with MySQL databases. It would be possible to run it on Windows with minor modifications.

X PerformThe first part of the Guanoo system is called "X Perform" where X is any web event. Most web events are page views, but the system is designed to measure a large number of events to be compatible with future subprojects such as measu...