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jQuery UI
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Tags: jquery animation widget-toolkit ria javascript ajax widgets effects css interface
jQuery UI is jQuery's official user interface extension. It is a collection of interaction plugins, widgets, and effects that extend jQuery to create a powerful user interface.
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Tags: animation widget dialog window modal ajax interface javascript canvas mootools gui ui
MochaUI is a web applications user interface library built on the Mootools javascript framework. Canvas tag graphics are used for much of the Mocha GUI components.

IE8 RC1 CompatibilityAs of r426 in the SVN, all of the MochaUI demos should now be compatible with IE8 RC1 in both the "IE=7" and "IE=8" X-UA-Compatible modes.

As long as it isn't too far off in the future, sometime after the final release of IE8 I will probably release MochaUI 1.0. So if you want to get your sites IE8 c...

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Tags: json animation database framework javascript ajax dragndrop
This is a javascript framework use to manage JSON data in browser. You can select, insert, update ... JSON data same working with MySQL database. You can use SQL syntax working with DOM to substitute CSS selector in other framework. It support ajax, cache ajax, dragdrop, animation...

some demo code:
//create new database
fieldName : ["compare", "responseText", "responseXML"],
primaryKey: "compare", ...

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Tags: programming framework css animation dom library ajax javascript
библиотека javascript+html


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Tags: dtjs dttvb animation javascript
DtJS is a JavaScript framework designed especially for animations that needs DOM manipulation, colors and more. It also supports a little AJAX.

DtJS function names are very short. It will take some time to learn.


Very small in size! Specify the start value, end value, time, easing (modifiers) and callback functions and DtJS will do the rest. Color manipulation. Basic XMLHttpRequests. Some DOM utilities. To download or learn about DtJS, please look at DtJS's Page. I...

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Tags: canvas javascript animation
Web-based Animation ウェブベースのアニメーション
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Tags: web javascript animation anima python
I use it to tell me what animation broadcast today and yesterday

I hope it can help every one to keep on watching New Animation


I'm using Linux(Ubuntu)

animachk can run in Linux very well

i think it can also run in Windows

but I'n not sure it's no problem


Now the version is:


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Tags: drawing sprites animation canvas javascript
Utilizing the canvas tag, in supported browser, this library makes managing sprites and animation simple.
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Tags: games gamelib js library shmup arcade widgets animation game javascript dhtml
This library is aimed mainly at people wishing to create action games in javascript/DHTML but not wishing to become involved in the browser object models and their various differences. Having said that,the library can equally be used to add dynamic effects and animations to any web page! Based on GameLib originated by Scott Porter, this project seeks to revive this excellent library and make developing DHTML games easier!
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Tags: timeline animation javascript dhtml
AnimeJ is a JavaScript library featuring a powerful Timeline for DHTML Web applications. It is really lightweight, expressive and really efficient since it uses a single timer. It works even on mobile browsers.
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Tags: animation hover images jquery javascript
jQuery ImgHoverOverviewImgHover is a simple way to use hovering image on your site.

You can use fade effect to switch hovering images as well.

UsageIf you want to provide hovering behaviour to all the images, you can write simply like below;

});When mouse-over this image, file "/your/path/original_o.gif" shows on the element.

Bulk SettingYou can call this method on the elements other than...

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Tags: event plugins animation dhtml xpath javascript ajax
Asynx Javascript Framework
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Tags: programming framework xpath css animation dom library ajax javascript
jQuery is a fast, concise, JavaScript Library that simplifies how you traverse HTML documents, handle events, perform animations, and add Ajax interactions to your web pages. jQuery is designed to change the way that you write JavaScript.
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Creative CrewCommunity for Artists & Programmers

We are an organization dedicated to fostering talented members of the creative community through the development of applications in a business environment. The club is modeled after a typical development studio with teams working on multiple projects.

ShowcaseDesktop Applications Discover Engine Preview 1 Discover Engine Preview 2 Discover Engine Preview 3 Discover Engine Preview 4 Mobile Applications Google Android Sandbox Previ...

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Tags: effects animation dhtml jphysics javascript plugin jquery physics
jPhysics is a physics plugin for jQuery. This plugin gives physics properties to selected DOM elements. You set position, velocity, acceleration, apply forces and update the elements states. You also get a n-dimensional Vector class with basic vectorial operations. Specially useful for JavaScript games.
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Tags: lifedraft dhonishow animation gallery jquery javascript
Ever wanted an easy inline gallery on your website? Then DhoniShow is for you. Just throw some images into your HTML source and let JavaScript do the rest!
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Tags: fork programming framework xpath css animation dom library ajax javascript
4query (codenamed) is a JavaScript framework derived from jQuery. The aim is to provide jQuery with a cleaner API and more open stance towards things that could enhance the framework. As well as an extended core set of optional modules rather than promoting widespread segregated plugins.
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Tags: dhtml dom animation javascript
Domination.js is a fast, flexible and lightweight JavaScript animation framework that integrates with (but not only) DOMAssistant. Almost all the functionality you will ever need (animation wise) comes from one simple and intuitive class.
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Tags: framework animation javascript jtweener
jTweener — анимационный фреймворк, созданный для анимации группы объектов (HTML или JavaScript). Подробности читайте в документации

Новости15 сентября 2008 jTweener обновился до версии 0.2:

Добавлен специальный фасад для более комфортной работы. Добавлена процентная анимация. this внутри функций onStart, onUpdate и onComplete теперь указывает на анимируемый объект. Исходник проекта теперь в SVN. Исправлены некоторые баги.

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Tags: js css animation display marquee opensource javascript
AboutDotmatrix is a lightweight, framework independent javascript library used in creating a fast, easy to change marquee style scrolling dot-matrix board on your site. I made it to see if I could, and I'm not sure anyone has a use for it, but if you do, please let me know. It'd make me super pleased to continue working on this project.

InstallationTo install, simply unzip (or untar) the archive files found on the right side of this page, and drop the dotmatrix/ directory into your websit...