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jQuery UI
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Tags: jquery animation widget-toolkit ria javascript ajax widgets effects css interface
jQuery UI is jQuery's official user interface extension. It is a collection of interaction plugins, widgets, and effects that extend jQuery to create a powerful user interface.
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Tags: animation widget dialog window modal ajax interface javascript canvas mootools gui ui
MochaUI is a web applications user interface library built on the Mootools javascript framework. Canvas tag graphics are used for much of the Mocha GUI components.

IE8 RC1 CompatibilityAs of r426 in the SVN, all of the MochaUI demos should now be compatible with IE8 RC1 in both the "IE=7" and "IE=8" X-UA-Compatible modes.

As long as it isn't too far off in the future, sometime after the final release of IE8 I will probably release MochaUI 1.0. So if you want to get your sites IE8 c...

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Tags: json animation database framework javascript ajax dragndrop
This is a javascript framework use to manage JSON data in browser. You can select, insert, update ... JSON data same working with MySQL database. You can use SQL syntax working with DOM to substitute CSS selector in other framework. It support ajax, cache ajax, dragdrop, animation...

some demo code:
//create new database
fieldName : ["compare", "responseText", "responseXML"],
primaryKey: "compare", ...

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The idea behind Ajax Class is to allow creation of cross-browser request objects in order to make Asynchronous/Synchronous HTTP request calls.
Basically, it should provide Clean-Easy-Fast OOP way to make HTTP request calls. Without wasting developer time in handling of trivial errors while doing the process at the same time giving full control over the process making every bit of it customizable.
If you have changes you want to the Ajax Class, send an email to the p...
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Tags: dtjs dttvb animation javascript
DtJS is a JavaScript framework designed especially for animations that needs DOM manipulation, colors and more. It also supports a little AJAX.

DtJS function names are very short. It will take some time to learn.


Very small in size! Specify the start value, end value, time, easing (modifiers) and callback functions and DtJS will do the rest. Color manipulation. Basic XMLHttpRequests. Some DOM utilities. To download or learn about DtJS, please look at DtJS's Page. I...

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Tags: development webprogramming web script api programming core animation javascript
Javamote is an animation core in javascript which has the goal to make very smooth and advanced animations with just a simple line of code.

The project is still in development, and will be free for personal use.

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Tags: canvas javascript animation
Web-based Animation ウェブベースのアニメーション
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Tags: drawing sprites animation canvas javascript
Utilizing the canvas tag, in supported browser, this library makes managing sprites and animation simple.
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Tags: programing flashcs3 photoshopcs3 css animation javascript ajax tools
Sharing download ...!
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Tags: library framework animation dom ajax javascript flow
The Flow framework:implements the DOM Level 3 API across all modern browsers extends the API with extremely useful functions animates your elements manages your cookies simplifies form management fixes XMLHttpRequest for all modern browsers and much more
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Tags: customize animation plugin css dialog ajax userinterface javascript
nyroModal is a highly customizable modal window plugin for jQuery.

You'll be able to customize either the look by CSS and the animation by creating your own using the jQuery animation function.

Support in French or English.

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Last Updated 2009-04-12

OverviewGGEjs is a small, easy to learn and use javascript engine. It's designed to simplify the creation of fast browser-based games.

If you know javascript, HTML and CSS, you can get started making games with GGEjs.

Best of all, it's free.

GoalThe goal of this project is to provide a stable, cross-browser game engine that uses readily available, free and open resources: HTML, Javascript, and CSS.

Browser RequirementsMost games made wi...

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Tags: animation ajax yui library javascript
Ojay: a developer-friendly wrapper for the Yahoo! User Interface libraryCopyright (c) 2007-08 the OTHER media Limited, written by James Coglan.


INTRODUCTIONOjay is a JavaScript programming interface that wraps the Yahoo! User Interface library. It aims to make code easier to read and write, by allowing more sentence-like OO syntax and minimizing repetition.

Further information and docs are available on the Ojay site: http://ojay.othermedia.org

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Tags: framework programming iphone animation ajax javascript
iAnime.js is a ligh-weight Javascript animation engine that allows developers to implement action-heavy applications such as games, animations, and slideshows without Flash. iAnime.js is so small and efficient that even action games on Apple iPhone became practical.

iFreecell is a fullly functional puzzle game for iPhone that takes advantage of light-weiht animation capability of iAnime.js. Please take a look at it (it runs on PC/Mac as well) to see what is possible with iAnime.js.

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Tags: puaj tools edit animation javascript flash
A set of Flash javascript tools for animation, editing and asset management within the Flash IDE.
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Tags: ajax javascript animation validation sorting
InfoFind Web Tools is for web page designers and developers and it is completely free to use. It contains several JavaScript Files that help make web pages more interactive. Many of the features can be used without having to write any JavaScript code. It is designed to work with all popular browsers on Windows, Mac, and Unix/Linux without any specific Operating System or Browser checking; and it is designed to work with many variations of html code. All code is commented so that developers of va...
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Tags: ui animation jquery programming library dom ajax javascript
IntroductionSavvy.UI is an open source JavaScript UI Library powered by jQuery JavaScript Library mainly for it's robust DOM Manipulation Engine.

Here's a example of Savvy.UI in action.

handler: "click"

var tab = new Js.widget.tab("#result");
id: "hello-world",
title: "Hello world",
closable: true,
content: "Hello world

" ...

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Tags: language programming asynchronous animation ajax javascript
Asynchronous, event-driven programming became more and more important in this "loosely=connected" era, but programming asynchronous application in traditional programming languages is quite complex and painful, oftens leads to hard-to-maintain code.

This is my attempt to solve this problem by coming up with a new language that is suitable to describe those asynchronous, event-driven applications.

As the very first step, we are going to address the issue related to asynchronous, e...

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Tags: framework web animation javascript
Beta Javascript lightweight animation framework.

The animations are based on your stylesheet definitions or for further tweaking thru javascript css definitions.

FX Core Features- queueing effects one after an other

- bezier curve settings

- animation can be defined in your stylesheet (stay DRY)

- custom events (onStart, onTween,onComplete,onStop...)

- multiple html elements animation made async or sync

- easing (transition effects) at the anima...

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Tags: classname asp python ruby animation ajax perl php framework javascript
My javascript framework... more description will come later.