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Lily is a browser-based, visual programming environment that lets people create programs graphically, without writing code, by drawing connections between data, images, sounds, text and graphics.

There are over 180 functional modules built into Lily: web service modules for the most popular web APIs; UI modules that wrap widgets from the major JS libraries; modules that offer access to the network, storage, sockets or the file system; modules to send and receive OSC messages or talk to th...

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Tags: postgresql mysql css mp3 html php audio ogg javascript id3
The Netjuke is (was) a Web-Based Audio Streaming Jukebox powered by PHP 4, a database and all the MP3, Ogg Vorbis and other format files that constitute your digital music collection. Supports images, language packs, multi-level security, random playlists, etc.

The source has merged into the Jinzora project sometimes in 2003.

Note: original CVS is lost and offline. Links to one was started on SourceForge in 2002.

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uniplayerUniversal Web Media Player

Uniplayer is JavaScript media player based on broswer's plug-ins installed on user's machine with own advanced HTML-based GUI.

Demo test page

Easy way to embed video on a web page in spite of file format - Uniplayer detects the video (audio) type and selects the best suitable plug-in to play the file with.

JavaScript developers, feel free to join the dev team! Mail me for details: artico@overdesign.net

Currently supported 128...

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Tags: mp3 audio javascript grails-plugin soundmanager grails
This project has now moved to the official Grails Plugin Repo. Please check the SoundManager Plugin Page.Grails Plugin that wraps the awesome SoundManager2 Javascript audio and video API.

Features include:

Making all links to MP3 files in your page playable inline Create a playlist in your page Add the SoundManager2 API in your page

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Pi Media Center