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Canoo WebTest
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Canoo WebTest is a free open source tool for automated testing of web applications.

It calls web pages and verifies results, giving comprehensive reports on success and failure.

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Tags: jsonrpc web wsgi ajax testng testing test javascript python automation development json
Windmill is an Open Source AJAX Web UI Testing framework that was originally built to automate testing for the Chandler Server Project at OSAF. After spending time with Selenium we realized we had a variety of needs that weren't being fulfilled and built Windmill from the ground up.

Windmill implements cross browser testing, in-browser recording and playback, and functionality for fast accurate debugging and test environment integration.

We are a relatively young project, but as far ...

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Tags: testmore automation web testing test addins dlr vbx javascript ironruby ironpython
TestMore is an UI automation testing tool, based on Dynamic Language Runtime (DLR), support multiple script languages, example: Python, Ruby, Javascript, Visual Basic 10(VBx).

TestMore features list

Dynamic language runtime (DLR) based, support DLR based script language: Python/Ruby/Javascript/Visual Basic(VBx). Addin support, based in Mono.Addins library. Integrate with Sharpdevelop TextEditor and DockPanel suite Full function integrate development environment(IDE) multiple langua...

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Donate for Web OptimizerOrder acceleration for your websiteProject is hold till 10th of August due to vacations

SummaryThis application is aimed to automate all clientside improvements for website that should significantly increase load speed of its pages. Main Features:

Simple 1-click installation: overall website acceleration in 1 minute; fast install requires no advanced knowledge; default options guarantee optimal performance; monitor for traffic / visitor's time savings; avera...

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Tags: javascript spy inspector automation flash flex
Flex & Flash Automation Tool using Java Script
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Tags: autoit qtscript qt win32 javascript automation
Please see documentation at http://b3nf.com/codepages/lnz/index.html .

Write JavaScript scripts to automate nearly anything in Windows: open programs, simulate keystrokes, simulate mouse movements and clicks, and work with files. Comes with a dedicated code editor with built-in documentation, tooltips, and autocomplete. Language includes dialog boxes for interactive scripts and can be used as a general programming language.



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Browser Automation Extension for Firefox