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Tags: appcelerator ria perl merb java ruby python c# javascript soa
Appcelerator is an open source platform for building rich Internet applications (RIA).
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Eclox is a simple doxygen frontend plug-in for eclipse. It aims to provide a slim and sleek integration of the code documentation process into eclipse by providing a high-level graphical user interface over doxygen.
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PHPRPC is a lightweight, secure, cross-domain, platform-independent, language-independent, envirment-independent, complex object supported, reference parameters supported, content redirecting supported, session supported, service-oriented, high performance remote procedure call protocol.
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Geochat emerged from a simple concept - can I send an SMS message and see it on a map?

From there the concept has evolved, and geochat has become a project to build a collaboration platform for the lowest common denominator communication tools, considering as highest priorities the needs of workers of humantiarian aid, international health and disaster response.

The main drivers for the project are the feedback of the InSTEDD programs in South East Asia, excercises such as GoldenShad...

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The easy socket solution for javascript

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Tags: gtk gecko mono c# javascript
A simple library to augment Gecko#, making it possible to access JavaScript functions from C# and vice versa.

It's likely to become superceded by proper XPCOM/Mono DOM wrappers, but for now offers a useful workaround.

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Lightweight framework for heavy lifting

With Evolutility, you can build database CRUD web applications for ASP.net and SQL Server simply by describing their metadata (UI and DB mapping)... without any hand coding necessary.


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JsonFx.NET ExamplesExample projects built using JsonFx.NET, the JSON-savvy Ajax Framework for ASP.NET.

For environment setup help, see: http://help.jsonfx.net/instructions

"OpenID Dialog"JsonFx.NET (JBST, JSON-RPC) C# / ASP.NET / Visual Studio 2008 DotNetOpenAuth jQuery 1.3.2 The third example is an OpenID library which can be easily added to another to provide a clean UI for authenticating via various OpenID providers.

This project demonstrates how JsonFx easily allows UI c...

MonoRail ExtJS Helper
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Tags: c# extjs castle monorail .net javascript
Provides utility classes to work with ExtJS library from Castle MonoRail.
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Generic functions, classes and libraries that have been started by Andreas Blixt.

They are all free to use and develop further (MIT license.)

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Tags: rest http server .net c# javascript web chat
Picoline is a web-based chat platform, designed to be hosted in a .NET environment. The design goals of the platform is simplicity, convention-over-configuration and performance.

The platform comprises a server and a client component, which communicates via a simple REST-based interface. All communication goes across HTTP, allowing clients to connect even through paranoid firewall setups.

The server component is implemented in managed C# as a Windows service. This service handles a...

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PurposeTo handle the concurrent connections needed for comet (server to client push) interaction in AJAX applications by queuing and sending messages to client browsers.


cometbox cometbox is an application written in C#. Console, MS.NET and mono compatible. Maybe someday C or C++ but not for now. Runs on the server. Queues messages for clients. Server Side Your choice of server side language. I personally use PHP and will refer to to this part as PHP. User\Browser The u...

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Tags: paython css javascript c#
to build up a software with that your can show others ways with marked pictures.
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Tags: asp.net c# javascript
Personal repository for my source code that I work on.
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Tags: ajax javascript perl c#
ajIM (pron. 'eh, Jim!) is a simple open implementation of an XML-driven Instant Messaging client-server model, but with one catch -- the server isn't a standalone binary, but is a set of web-tier frameworks that allow the client/server model to work completely independant of each other (which is often missed when designing an IM platform to be portable, cross-platform, and easy to administer).

This is a coding exercise that stresses high-adherence to framework-modelling. As such, I will o...

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Tags: json javascript java ajax c# mono
The goal of this project is to provide C#(2.0 and mono) objects and libraries to leverage GWT and related libraries that enhance GWT such as GWT-Ext.

Since this project intends to support mono-based servers, we will use mono syntax and assemblies as the least-common denominator for this project.

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Tags: wpf multiplayer javascript c# actionscript jsc
A multiplayer remake of pipe mania for wpf, javascript and flash.


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Tags: css c# asp.net design javascript corners
NiftyDotNet is an ASP.NET control, written in C#, that allows to round web elements (i.e. divs) easily.

It wraps the excellent javascript library Nifty Corners Cube in order to make easier its use for .Net developers.

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Tags: gae html javascript js c# python css art interactive web cloud
Flowered is an interactive web-based art project.
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Tags: ria javascript toolkit web .net c#
A system to allow developers to write complex and efficient RIAs using any .NET language by translating MSIL into JavaScript.