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Web development software built on Eclipse. Has gotten over 3000 diggs and 1.9 million downloads. Has been called Dreamweaver killer. Has XHTML, CSS, AJAX, Javascript, and FTP support, and many more features. A must have to all web developers!
Omni ERP
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Omni ERP is an innovative business application platform; it is completely based in open source technologies and brings a whole new level of modularity and flexibility to the business solutions environment.
It uses a new approach combining new software engineering techniques like plugin based architecture, inversion of control and aspect oriented programming with a refreshing new RIA UI to bring a new level of experience to the SME market.
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Tags: functional distributed grid cloud http javascript rest nitro
Nitro is what you need to deploy RESTful distributed applications with ease and joy. Powered by Javascript.
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Tags: ajax web distributed java javascript grid cloud
Nitro provides everything you need to create applications on the cloud with ease and joy
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Tags: html javascript cloud python yui timesheet time
Personal time tracking is essential to many different kinds of organizations. Whether you are a consultant with billable time to many different contracts, or an hourly-wage employee that needs to know how much time you spent on a particular job, ThymeSheet can help shoulder the load.

Running "in the cloud" on Google infrastructure has many benefits. Account management, data storage and backup, traffic scalability, etc. are handled by Google experts. If you have a Google Apps account, you...

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Tags: cloud javascript ajax php operatingsystem os webos web unix
Webix is a webOS inspired on the UNIX architecture.
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Tags: ayuta cloud html5 gears javascript
Yet another javascript library. It aims lightweight, module separated, robust, well-tested, objective and ready for cloud, offline age.
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Tags: gae html javascript js c# python css art interactive web cloud
Flowered is an interactive web-based art project.
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Google Finance portfolios rendered as a Tag Cloud. Each symbol's size is its proportion of the portfolio's value, its red-/green-ness is its price change today, and its depth is is the gain/loss since purchased.