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ajax asp.net earth effect extenders interface library mapping mvc plugin tree treecomponent virtual
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Tags: component treecomponent interface jquery tree javascript
A tree component based on jQuery.Check wiki pages and download area for examples.

Supports:Data sources: XML data sources (flat or nested) (uses Sarissa & XSL) JSON data source attaching the functionality on predefined HTML async loading from an URL creating, renaming, moving, deleting nodes drag & drop support definable rules for creating, deleting, nesting, renaming, selecting nodes attaching various callbacks (check documentation) language versions - one node containing multipl...

Virtual Earth Toolkit
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Tags: mvc asp.net extenders jquery component javascript earth virtual mapping
The Virtual Earth Toolkit is a set of Controls/Tools that Extend Virtual Earth with functionality not implemented within the Virtual Earth JavaScript API itself, and Controls/Tools to make it easier to implement mapping in various frameworks like ASP.NET MVC and jQuery.
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Tags: library component jquery plugin effect ajax javascript
$.can().has({component: cheeseburger});