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Web development software built on Eclipse. Has gotten over 3000 diggs and 1.9 million downloads. Has been called Dreamweaver killer. Has XHTML, CSS, AJAX, Javascript, and FTP support, and many more features. A must have to all web developers!
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Vaadin is a web application framework for Rich Internet Applications (RIA). In contrast to Javascript libraries and browser-plugin based solutions it features a server-side architecture, which means that the majority of the logic runs on the servers. Ajax technology is used at the browser-side to ensure a rich and interactive user experience.

Vaadin is a big collection of UI components. There are server-side components like Button, Table, Tree that you use to compose the application user ...

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Open Source framework designed to build easily Web 2.0 applications,
based on a "Client/Server" principle, using J2EE (Servlet, JSP, JDBC),
lightweight clients and AJAX technology (XML requests via HTTP)
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Tags: ajax janko eclipse hibernate javascript tomcat wiki task gwt spring java
Task and wiki sample web manager.
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Tags: ide eclipse javascript
a tiny eclipse based javascript editor
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Tags: html eclipse struts java javascript web
Project Amateras moved.
The current site is http://amateras.sourceforge.jp/.
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Tags: plug-in compiler ide aurora mysql java eclipse javascript gwt
The goal of this project is to develop a web based Integrated Development Environment (IDE). The client only needs a web browser and an internet connection. By connecting to the server, an IDE looking page is downloaded by the browser that looks like and has the functionality of an IDE environment. The client is able to access previous code stored in the database or create new projects, compile the code and run it. Also, the client is able to download the executable output of the compiler from t...
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Tags: dojo gwt javascript java eclipse web2.0 ui web browser html dhtml
Dojo on DWT
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This project will have a tutorial about how to use Eclipse IDE with java.net projects
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Tags: javascript wtp plugin eclipse gears
eclipse wtp support javascript code content assistance. gears use javascript. but eclipse wtp does not support gears. gearswtp make wtp support gears code content assistance.
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Tags: rhino plugin eclipse javascript helma
A collection of Eclipse plugins to make life easier for Helma Developer:

Start/Stop helma from Eclipse Prototype Outline Logging to Eclipse Console and many more features to come and implement Users should register for updates and discussions at http://groups.google.com/group/helma4eclipse

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Tags: opera safari firefox ie eclipse debug js javascript
Javascript Debug Toolkit is a software can debug javascript in ie,firefox,safari,chrome,opera,mobile ie browser,mobile opera browser and so on .It works in all the browser support ajax.

Browser support of debug tools

software\browserIEFirefoxchromeoperasafariMobile BrowserOther VS.NET Firebug/Venkman Aptana Netbeans MyEclipse JSDT

There are tow version of jsdt.

stand aloneJavascript Debug Toolkit s0.5 is a Green-free installation software. JSDT can run in windows and ...

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Tags: fantasysports eclipse mysql javascript drupal html php ajax apache xml linux
The ProjectThe SCORE OS Project is a collaborative effort to develop an open source fantasy sports management system (FSMS).

PrototypesThe first prototype is Pre Pro Sports (PPS) Fantasy College Football League Manager, Version 5.0, which is run on a WISA (Windows, IIS, SQLServer, ASP.NET) software stack. The PPS software is exclusively licensed.


The second prototype is the Pre Pro Hoops South (PPHS) College Basketball League Manager, Version 2.0,...