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OpenLaszlo is an open source platform for creating zero-install web applications with the user interface capabilities of desktop client software.
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haXe is a high-level object-oriented programming language mainly focused on helping programers develop Websites and Web applications. haXe has been designed to be easily portable across several platforms.
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jSeamless is a UI abstraction layer for Java to allow developers to write code for any platform and any environment (Web, Desktop, Mobile, etc.) without having to know ahead of time the deployment platform or environment will.
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Tags: uploader swfupload flash javascript swf upload
SWFUpload is a small JavaScript/Flash library to get the best of both worlds. It features the great upload capabilities of Flash and the accessibility and ease of HTML/CSS.
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Tags: flash web library development javascript
SWFObject is an easy-to-use and standards-friendly method to embed Flash content, which utilizes one small JavaScript file
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SCENARI is a free software framework for the design of publishing chains for professional multimedia documents.
Buni Meldware Communication Suite
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Buni is a community of open source software developers and users dedicated to the research and development of communication and collaboration software. Buni offers Meldware Communications Suite with Mail, a Calendar Server, Webmail, and a Secure Administration System.
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Tags: jquery actionscript3 flash web flashplayer javascript
ActionScript3 Flash Mp3 Player with Javascript Interface

Project Name : AVPlayer

基于 ActionScript3? 的 Flash Mp3 Player.

* 编译后的Swf文件在10KB以内
* 简单的页面嵌入(1行Js代码)
* 丰富的Javascript API,可以实现完全基于Html页面的操作控制.
* 可以作为Mini播放器单独嵌入
* 支持Json/xml等多种格式的播放列表
* 基于Javascript的LRC歌词同步实现
* 代码无侵入,页面可通过W3C Strict验证
* 结合JQuery可简单实现更多页面特效

Flash Selenium
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The flash-selenium project aims to extend the Selenium RC clients for adding Flash communication capabilities.
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Tags: javascript flash neko unit-testing haxe php actionscript
A unit testing framework for haXe.
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AttackAPI provides simple and intuitive programmable interface for composing attack vectors with JavaScript and other client and server related technologies. We are currently developing the 3.x branch which introduces great control over the Attack subroutines and provides some excellent means for packaging and delivering payloads.
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This is the open source release of Chronoscope, the charting and visualization platform for GWT, used as the centerpiece of Timepedia's website.

Chronoscope's ultimate goals are:

Scalability: To provide a high performance, cross browser platform for visualizing possibly large and complex datasets. Ease of use: To enable applications to be built using either GWT or Javascript Scriptability: To allow endusers to create stories around data and share their perspectives with others. C...

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Tags: flash javascript ajax adobeair proxy crossdomain


Google Translate ExampleCSProxy Demo seamless install CSProxy

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Tags: flash kml flex oai javascript webservice xml xul lamp
Mise en place d'un entrepôt OAI à partir d'un flux d'informationObjectifs du projetpermettre le moissonage d'un flux d'information pour effectuer un traitement sémantique développer une interface de gestion en XUL se familiariser avec le protocole d'archive ouverte OAI maitriser les technologies LAMP apréhender les problématiques sémantiques participer à un développemnent collaboratif Prérecquis (optionnel)définition des flux d'information : ->flux RSS -> archives TIC -> fiche livre www...
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For more information see our developer site

WhyInformation is knowledge. This project started as a means to empower consumers with information about the products they buy and the companies they support. Since then, we are finding more and more ways to use this technology for the public good, such as empowering rural Coloradans with a means to fight back against corporations dumping dangerous chemicals down gas wells in their backyard.

WhatPower to the people! Wiki's, content manag...

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Tags: javascript actionscript flash opensocial myspace
This project will focus on creating a JavaScript framework to interact with Adobe Flash via ExterenalInterface that can be brought into the MySpace application source remotely from the Google Code domain. The goal is to centralize the JavaScript code so that it can be managed here and support multiple applications on MySpace without having to constantly edit the code for each application individually.
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uniplayerUniversal Web Media Player

Uniplayer is JavaScript media player based on broswer's plug-ins installed on user's machine with own advanced HTML-based GUI.

Demo test page

Easy way to embed video on a web page in spite of file format - Uniplayer detects the video (audio) type and selects the best suitable plug-in to play the file with.

JavaScript developers, feel free to join the dev team! Mail me for details: artico@overdesign.net

Currently supported 128...

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Tags: onat cumhur fast actionscript php javascript flash socket chat
Cumhurchat is a chat script which is a web messenger coded in javascript + php + actionscript.
It features abilities like, winks, vibration, file sending, emoticons and a very fast socket connection.
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Tags: css javascript video flash
IntroductionIf you don't know Actionscript (or don't like it) but you would like to play flash video on your site, you'll probably find Flivpee useful. All the player widgets use JavaScript and you will style them with CSS. The goal for Flivpee is rapid deployment for developers without Flash / Actionscript knowledge. I believe there to be a performance benefit as well, though I have no benchmarks to prove it.

Your users will need Flash 9.

People Using FlivpeeIf you'd like to be ad...

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Tags: jquery dom html actionscript flash javascript
Inhabit is a wrapper around JQuery and the DOM which allows developers to easily create standards-compliant, DOM-manipulatable interactive experiences in the style of Flash/Actionscript.