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Visual Component Framework
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The Visual Component Framework is a cross platform C++ application framework that offers a modern, clean architecture. It is divided into three major libraries. The FoundationKit provides services such as file access, streams, threads, synchronization primitives, and advanced RTTI features. The GraphicsKit includes classes for working with both image and vector graphics, and has built in support for the Anti-Grain Graphics library. The ApplicationKit provides GUI controls, use of the Model-View-...
Lucid Desktop
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Lucid is a free, open source web based desktop, web desktop, or webOS that gives you a portable, online workspace that you can use to store files, play media, and manage your office documents. You can install it on almost any webhost, allowing you to keep control over your data. The goal of the project is to provide an application platform that integrates seamlessly with the web, existing desktop technologies, and mobile devices.
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Vexi is a platform for creating and publishing Graphical User Interfaces that can be used over the Internet or an intranet. It features a very simple and powerful syntax based on XML and JavaScript, a set of complete, extensible, themable widgets, and a sandbox-like security model to protect users.
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Tags: platform framework distantlearning peterhi api web2.0 desktop web javascript userinterface
A web-based interface framework. This framework allows developers to create desktop-like web pages. The API is very close to java Swing API. Javascript is the programming language. The aim of this project is to promote web 2.0
Pyjamas Desktop
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Pyjamas Desktop is a comprehensive and easy-to-use python widget set API and framework, similar to PyQt4 and PyGtk2. As it is based on Webkit, it provides not only a desktop widget set but also supports full HTML syntax, full CSS stylesheet properties, NPAPI-compliant plugins such as Adobe Flash and Java, and even allows for the execution of Javascript, to manipulate the DOM model of the screen.
Pyjamas Desktop is a port of Pyjamas to the desktop, which is itself a port of Google'...