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Tags: json json-rpc rpc web-services asp.net .net mono ajax javascript
Jayrock is a modest and an open source implementation of JSON and JSON-RPC for the Microsoft .NET Framework (including ASP.NET) and Mono.
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Tags: gtk gecko mono c# javascript
A simple library to augment Gecko#, making it possible to access JavaScript functions from C# and vice versa.

It's likely to become superceded by proper XPCOM/Mono DOM wrappers, but for now offers a useful workaround.

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Tags: json javascript java ajax c# mono
The goal of this project is to provide C#(2.0 and mono) objects and libraries to leverage GWT and related libraries that enhance GWT such as GWT-Ext.

Since this project intends to support mono-based servers, we will use mono syntax and assemblies as the least-common denominator for this project.

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I'm refocusing. I've decided that I'm going to be using Rhino for future projects. I'm building up other things to support that.

OneMonkey is a set of enhancements to the Mozilla Project's SpiderMonkey JavaScript engine. The makefile pulls a recent check-in of SpiderMonkey from CVS (20070330) and builds it with E4X, optimizations, a small framework for native interfaces, some basic POSIX-like native functions, a framework for custom virtual machines, an interpreter, an JS2XDR compiler ...

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Tags: ajax clr mono .net js c msil javascript
Enables developers to build JavaScript applications using a .NET language such as C#. The benefit is increased productivity/maintainability due to the better set of development tools available for the .NET platform and language features such as strong-typing. It also features interoperability with existing JavaScript, runtime metadata for reflection, and full support for threading, which includes a set of synchronization primitives.

The key advantages over similar frameworks, such as Goog...

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Tags: http xmlhttprequest monodevelop mono c# javascript php comet ajax
PurposeTo handle the concurrent connections needed for comet (server to client push) interaction in AJAX applications by queuing and sending messages to client browsers.


cometbox cometbox is an application written in C#. Console, MS.NET and mono compatible. Maybe someday C or C++ but not for now. Runs on the server. Queues messages for clients. Server Side Your choice of server side language. I personally use PHP and will refer to to this part as PHP. User\Browser The u...