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A runtime for VRML and X3D virtual worlds and models.

OpenVRML includes a core runtime library,
parsers for VRML97 and VRML-format X3D, an OpenGL renderer, and a Mozilla Web browser plug-in.

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eden is a serializer/deserializer library using a subset of the ECMAScript notation, it allows to exchange and interpret data keeping the structure and the type.
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Advanced server-side Javascript.

EvaScript is a Javascript implementation based on the ECMA Script standard.
Remote-control Javascript object via Java.
UnitTest you Javascript code.
Browser independent scripting.
Works with almost every browser, including the iPhone.

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EQdkp Plus is an Open Source DKP system written in PHP/Mysql created to administer DKP points especially for World of Warcraft.
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Java based generic scripting engine with dynamic language features. Syntax is also based on the Java language and works transparent with Java VM in that it locates classes on the fly and can also compile .java files in runtime.

Recently added prototype functionality (as known from ECMA based scriptlanguages such as Javascript/Actionscript).

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Tags: antlr javascript web2.0 ria parser generator compiler javafx ajax
It aims to be a generic server application to provide a missing link between JavaFX and Web 2.0, a JavaFX -> RIA (might use JSP/Servlets) (using some Java script toolkit, or pluggable methodology) to generate RIA apps parsing Javascript.
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That API validates a string against a datatype specified in an object datatype(Uri, LocalName).

It mainly implements two methods :

this.datatypeAllows = function(datatype, paramList, string, context) {


this.datatypeEqual = function(datatype, patternString, patternContext, string, context) {

which returns a pattern Empty() if string is valid or a pattern NotAllowed(message, datatype, string) if string is invalid.

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Tags: rfc4627 parser javascript json
A fast and secure JSON parser in JavaScriptThis JSON parser does not attempt to validate the JSON, so may return a result given a syntactically invalid input, but does not use eval so is deterministic and is guaranteed not to modify any object other than its return value.

There are a number of JSON parsers in JavaScript at json.org. This implementation should be used whenever security is a concern (when JSON may come from an untrusted source), speed is a concern, and erroring on malforme...

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Tags: jsrss rssboard 0m4r parser javascript rss
The purpose of the jsRSS is to realize a RSS 2.0 javascript parser.

jsRSS implements the specifications from the RSS Board and it is based on prototype javascript framework.

At the moment there is not jet code available to be downloaded, It need to be cleared a bit and reviewed. If you are interested you can check the demo page you can find following this link. It shows how the parser manages the RSS information from my Twitter. Please, do not care the ugliness of the page, my inte...

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Tags: parser javascript sax xml
A light weight JavaScript SAX 2 parser which reads an XML text and triggers standardized SAX 2 events.
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Tags: virtualmachine parser interpreter vm js phype php javascript
What is phype?Phype is not a pipe. Phype is a project formed in connection with the course Design of Virtual Machines for Object Oriented Languages at DAIMI. Phype is a Javascript-based virtual machine that will allow you to run PHP code directly in your browser with -tags.

The project deadline has now been exceeded, and the project is officially done. Work may continue, so keep posted.

PhypeDocCheck the wiki for the full PhypeDoc documentation.

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Tags: type-ahead metadata json xml parser ajax javascript c rails ruby
A small web2.0 application that acts as a generic product for a large horizontal market. Build with ruby on rails and javascript. It consists of a small, fast user-interface, a small database model and a model-driven generator. As a generic program, it will be used in different domains.
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Another open source spin-off of http://lista.lu

This one takes plain text, and replaces links with equivalent embeds. Also it can take a DOM element and replacing non links in text with their visual source.

Also it's pluggable and different link sniffers can be written quite easily using predefined matchers like top domain and query string parameters matching.

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Tags: filesystem parser javascript firefox wiki
Currently,Wiki4X provides a simple wiki parser that can wikify plain text file in your file system automatically. Wiki4X uses WikiCreole markup. You can give wiki page a style by using customized css file.
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Tags: parser xml dom jstemplate maps template xpath javascript ajax xslt
AJAXSLT is an implementation of XSLT in JavaScript. Because XSLT uses XPath, it is also an implementation of XPath that can be used independently of XSLT. This implementation has the advantange that it makes XSLT uniformly available on more browsers than natively provide it, and that it can be extended to yet more browsers if necessary.

AJAXSLT is interesting for developers who strive aggressively for cross browser compatibility of their advanced web applications.

This implementati...

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ANTLR, ANother Tool for Language Recognition, is a language tool that provides a framework for constructing recognizers, interpreters, compilers, and translators from grammatical descriptions containing actions in a variety of target languages. ANTLR provides excellent support for tree construction, tree walking, translation, error recovery, and error reporting.

This project provides an Ecmascript3 / Javascript target for ANTLR, allowing users to compile ANTLR grammars to Javascript code ...

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Tags: javascript xml xslt parser
parser admin, classes, templates. js and etc
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CougarXML is an XML Parser written in Javascript using an Object-Oriented approach (OOP). This library parse an XML code and convert it into an object that can be manipulated with DOM Level 3 standard API (W3C).


Source code Free and Open under terms of Mozilla Public License 1.1 No external runtime required Usable with any Javascript 1.4+ engine DOM Level 3 Compliant Non-validating XML Parser Syntax checking Well-formed checking API easy to learn and use

Future dev...

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Tags: json parser ecmascript javascript haskell
An ECMAScript parser, in Haskell, that generates a JSON representation of the parse tree.
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Tags: ajax rfc2445 array object parser javascript json icalendar ical
SummaryIJP parses iCalendar formatted text and returns javascript arrays of objects. It will helps you with your client side and ajax projects.


//icalParser.ical is now set

//All the vevent elements
//All the vtodo elements
//All t...