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Symfony is a web application framework for PHP5 projects.

It aims to speed up the creation and maintenance of web applications, and to replace the repetitive coding tasks by power, control and pleasure.

Based on the best practices of web development, thoroughly tried on several active websites, symfony aims to speed up the creation and maintenance of web applications, and to replace the repetitive coding tasks by power, control and pleasure.

Symfony provides a lot of features s...

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With access.see.be, a WAI-ARIA based Accessibility-Library, web developers can enhance their applications with accessible rich interface elements or can create full accessible rich internet applications without excluding users who depend on assistive technologies like screen readers. So the main aim of universal design, the approach to design websites that can be used by all people without the need for adaptation or specialization, can be easily achieved.
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phpHtmlLib is now an application development framework for developing OOP style web applications in PHP. The application framework supports an MVC style architecture, Ajaxable and Cacheable interfaces for developing rich client web applications. It still contains the set of PHP classes and library functions to help facilitate building, debugging, and rendering of XML, HTML, XHTML, WAP/WML Documents, and SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) images as well as complex html Widgets .
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Java based generic scripting engine with dynamic language features. Syntax is also based on the Java language and works transparent with Java VM in that it locates classes on the fly and can also compile .java files in runtime.

Recently added prototype functionality (as known from ECMA based scriptlanguages such as Javascript/Actionscript).

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Tags: script.aculo.us ajax atk javascript php prototype
ATK module to create Business Process Managment documentation starting from some paper Module (list all field in a module with description and who is in charge of). Use AJAX and PROTOTYPE to create dynamic fields over the graphical image
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Tags: prototype.js web prototype jscolorpallet pallet color javascript colorpallet
jsColorPallet is a pop up style color pallet completely programmed in JavaScript. It allows you to add a color pallet to any text field on your website. When a user visiting your website and focuses on a text field a small color pallet appears next to the selected text field. Upon selection of there color the text field will become populated with the HEX value of the color and the pallet will vanish.
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LEAF, or Light and Extensible Apps Framework*, is a JavaScript project created to ease the development of web, Adobe AIR*, IPhone* and IPod* apps... gadgets, widgets and APIs. LEAF is fully compatible with intellisense editors like Aptana Studio*, JSEclipse* and Adobe Dreamweaver* CS4*.

Compatibility, performance and size are the most important rules of this project.

Download the current alpha version of LEAF. It's open source and you can modify, customizate and mashup it with any ot...

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Tags: prototypejs js prototype forms form controls javascript web
JavaScript controls for PrototypeJS
Prado Component Repository
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Some components created by the community to work with the PRADO PHP framework.
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Tags: slideshow prototype javascript
This library allows you to generate slide-show easily,
and depends on Prototype.js.
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Tags: php javascript ajax prototype jsonrpc school
An Open Source Ajax application that allows school classes to manage their homework in a central place, lets the students have discussions and share their photos in a easy-to-use online gallery.
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Welcome on sfDynamicsPlugin homepage. This symfony plugin aims to revolution the way javascript is used in symfony projects. It supports extensible configuration, library dependances, stylesheets, i18n, themes, packing, caching, and much more. To have a detailed explanation of each features, please take a look at the features list

This plugin is not bound to a specific javascript framework, and provides an easy way to use one set of scripts alltogether. For now, only configuration files fo...

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Tags: prototype webui js javascript ajax
Brocade旨在提供一种简捷、健壮、灵活、符合面向对象编程习惯,同时又能充分发挥HTML、CSS强大表现能力的 Javascript 脚本框架。
Brocade 基于Prototype框架构建了常用的web页面组件,通过这些组件局部渲染web页面,快速创建用户体验的web系统。Brocade是跨浏览器的框架,支持Firefox、Mozilla、Netscape和IE。
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Tags: prototype javascript
Backend Prototype extensionsThis package provides some useful extension to Prototype.

Prototype version required: 1.6.0

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Tags: prototype ajax javascript editinplace
Edit In Place
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Tags: prototype humanized interface javascript
Transparent messages are the brainchild of Jef Raskin. It’s simply a large and translucent message that’s displayed over the contents of your screen. They fade away when the user takes any action (like typing or moving the mouse). In practice, the message is both noticeable yet unobtrusive. And because the message is transparent, you can see what’s beneath it. It’s just humane.
-- Aza Raskin http://www.humanized.com/weblog/2006/09/11/monolog_boxes_and_transparent_messages/


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Tags: prototype javascript mvc js
The prototype based javascript MVC framework.

No funnies, no features, only MVC.

features? funny? http://script.aculo.us/ and greetings for the great Thomas Fuchs

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Tags: prototype rails ruby javascript
OJS is a library that allows you to deal with individual 'components' (like a login form, a div representing a comment, a grid, etc.) on a page as objects, with classes, inheritance and all that OOP goodness.

StateALPHA 0.000000001

IntroductionFor a nice introduction, see WhyOJS and Guide.

For a dense and jargon-filled introduction, see below.

Executive SummaryOstensibly, this simply means separating the "behavior" layer of your page from the structural HTML itself, m...

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Tags: prototype context menu javascript
DescriptionProto.Menu is a simple and lightweight prototype-based solution for context menu functionality on your page

Features:Lightweight: ~3 KB (~2 KB minified) Unobtrusive: Plays nice with JS turned off, uses its own namespace Cross-browser: Full A-Graded browsers support (Opera is supported through Ctrl + Left Click) Fully customizable: Menu styling can (and is intended to) be easily defined in external stylesheet Fast: Menu container is rendered on page load, and only changes positi...

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Tags: prototype javascript
The Prototype.js library is probably the best javascript library out there. Though the competition is tough, prototype has its own place in the javascript world.

But one of the biggest issues with using the file is the download size. The latest file is well over 97k, which is a lot of download data, even if it does get downloaded only once. Other than that I fail to believe that there is any developer in the world who uses all of the functions.

This is why I decided to cut it out, ...