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IQuiP AE is a framework for developing AJAX rich network applications in PHP5 without needing to write a line of HTML or Javascript. Features include a signal/slot design pattern and an event driven user interface.

The syntax for IQuiP AE is based very strongly on the C++ toolkit Qt from Trolltech. IQuiP AE supports visually designing forms and dialogs using QtDesigner and easy translation of web applications using QtLinguist.

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A Chromium ( http://code.google.com/chromium/ ) like browser built on WebKit and Qt , which aims to be cross platform and lightweight.

This project is open source and a proof of concept as of now

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Tags: qt javascript library unittest testing
QSTestLib is a JavaScript library for unit testing. It is inspired by the C++ QTestLib tool (http://doc.trolltech.com/4.4/qtestlib-manual.html).

QSTestLib is available as a git repository: http://gitorious.org/qstestlib/qstestlib

Blogs describing features and usage: http://labs.trolltech.com/blogs/2007/11/05/unit-testing-with-qt-script/ http://labs.trolltech.com/blogs/2008/12/19/qstestlib-revisited/

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Tags: userjs c++ qt javascript opera
Tachibana is a Opera userjs management tool.

News2009.04.27 License changed. 2008.05.20 version 0.2.5 beta release Edit JS, Install JS, Update check API add. Install/Update API does not work correctly :-p 2007.12.28 version 0.2.4 release Windows binary, Source package and Intel Mac binary is available 2007.12.11 version 0.2.3 release 2007.12.10 Binary packaged distributation is temporary suspended to fix security issues. 2007.12.10 Created a Google Group to discuss. 2007.12.09 version ...

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Tags: css javascript html screenshot cli webkit qt
WebScreenie is small qt utility to create snapshot of webpages.

It has a command-line interface (CLI) and work is currently in progress for a GUI.

Its aim is to remain simple (not become an image editor but rather simply take screenshots) yet very powerful, notably with scripted events and automation.

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cutee.org tries to provide additional tools for Qt developers, amongst other things a revamped, yet compatible meta-type system and the most complete Javascript a.k.a. ECMAscript engine for Qt applications.
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Tags: c qt chrome v8 server framework web javascript enfine dino
Oh no, the project is deadDino Engine is a web framework that uses javascript.

The main aim of Dino Engine is to be efficient. So, the javascript code is executed by the Google's V8 Virtual machine, but use an other interpretor can be possible. The engine is written in C++, and makes use of the opensource Qt library.

Dino Engine is published under the terms of the GNU GPL v3 and higher, but your apps aren't linked to the framework, so you can publish them under any license.


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Tags: php qt archlinux javascript kde4
IntroductionA custom distribution of Archlinux source packages based on a Qt/KDE desktop and PHP/Javascript scripting and web services.

kde-svnAt this point in time the main focus is on source packages that build KDE4 directly from the official Subversion repositories on a daily basis with the resulting Archlinux binary packages being available from http://pkg.eth-os.org. They are set up to be installed into /usr instead of /opt/kde so they will conflict with current KDE(mod 3&4) pack...

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Tags: qooxdoo gui qt xml python javascript
JsQt is a tool to compile Qt Designer's .ui files to javascript code, which is targeted to work with the Qooxdoo framework. It is written in Python.

It is tested on Python 2.5 with the outputs of Qt Designer 4.4 and 4.5. 4.3 is reported not to work with JsQt.

Information on how to get the sample code working could be found at the SampleUsage page. If you want to extend JsQt, consult the ExtendingJsQt page. Current status of how much of Qt can be compiled to Qooxdoo code can be see...

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Tags: autoit qtscript qt win32 javascript automation
Please see documentation at http://b3nf.com/codepages/lnz/index.html .

Write JavaScript scripts to automate nearly anything in Windows: open programs, simulate keystrokes, simulate mouse movements and clicks, and work with files. Comes with a dedicated code editor with built-in documentation, tooltips, and autocomplete. Language includes dialog boxes for interactive scripts and can be used as a general programming language.