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Axis2 (Java)
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Apache Axis2 is a complete re-design and re-write of the widely used Apache Axis SOAP stack to build on the lessons learnt from Apache Axis.

Apache Axis2 not only supports SOAP 1.1 and SOAP 1.2, but it also has integrated support for the widely popular REST style of Web services.

Apache CXF
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Apache CXF simplifies the construction, integration, and flexible reuse of technical and business components using a standards-based, service-oriented architecture (SOA). CXF is a merger of two prior OSS projects - Celtix ObjectWeb and XFire projects. CXF support JAX-WS, RESTful and POJO for the building Web Services. CXF support SOAP, JMS, CORBA and more.
WSO2 Mashup Server
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The WSO2 Mashup Server is a platform for creating, deploying, and consuming Web services in the simplest fashion possible.
It Relies on:

* Support for consuming and deploying services using dynamic scripting languages
* Trivial deployment and redeployment
* Automatic and UI-based generation of Web services artifacts (e.g. wsdl, schema, policy)
* Provide gateways into a variety of information sources, including SOAP and...

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Tags: code generation rss atom e4x webservices rdfa xhtml sql javascript php java6 java rest
"We will either find a way, or make one." - Hannibal Barca

Hannibal Barca, the great Carthaginian general, is widely regarded as the greatest strategist and tactician of all time. His ability to engage the enemy, using innovative yet simple tactics in such a way as to ensure victory is second to none. Hannibal the code generator, strives to emulate Hannibal Barca's embodiment of minimalism, simplicity, and efficiency to advance pragmatic solutions to solve the problems associated with rap...

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Tags: xmlrpc webservices json jsonrpc javascript php
A library implementing the XML-RPC protocol, written in PHP.
(It supports json and jsonrpc, too, and recently got a 100% javascript implementation)
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Tags: ajax webservices terminal console javascript
Front-end old-style terminal interface, for web services like those provided by Google and Yahoo.
GWT on Rails
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Tags: plugin javascript restful webservices gwt rails rest gwt-rest java ajax json ruby
GWT on Rails is a Rails plugin that integrates GWT client side compiled JavaScript with Rails REST web services.
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Tags: json java rest gwt ajax restful javascript webservices
GWT-REST is an asynchronous RESTful client implementation for GWT.

GWT-REST can be used alongside GWT-RPC or as a replacement for it. The intent is to provide a drop-in solution for communicating with REST web services that may or may not be implemented in Java.

A set of generic interfaces is provided along with implementations for JSON and Rails in this first release.

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Tags: webservices javascript java web
Progetti in Tracking:

Progetto Gestione Campagna DIVENTA VERDE Progetto Download massivo delle fatture per sito MiServi Progetto sportello mercato libero

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XAPR is RPC library that uses PHP5's XML functionality to handle requests from a variety of client technologies including Flash, Javascript and even PHP. XAPR is an alternative to other mechanisms such as SOAP, JSON-RPC and XML-RPC. Heavily influenced by AMFPHP, JSON-RPC and the excellent (but now seemingly abandoned) JPSPAN, XAPR is an attempt to take the best ideas and roll an easy-to-use, universal solution.


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Tags: javascript webservices json asp.net ajax jquery
Provides a function which allows GET and POST requests to ASP.NET Ajax enabled PageMethods and Web Services. The function only supports JSON requests and requires JSON2.js from json.org.
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Tags: webservices javascript html ajax php filemanager s3 aws amazon
AMAZON S3 FILE MANAGER is a tool which you can easily manage your files on the AMAZON S3 SERVERS. This API is a dynamic web based file management system that allow you to create a user-friendly online document repository. You can use it to browse directories and files on the server and edit, copy, move, delete, upload, download files, create new directories and files, edit files... This tool is focused on the AMAZON S3 SERVERS, but also works with regular file systems and FTP servers.
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Tags: webservices javascript ajax css c++
Baable Web Toolkit
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Tags: framework wsdl webservices javascript
The idea of the framework is to give ability access web services using javascript. Javascript framework will dynamically generate an object from the wsdl file. with a same methods (functions), which have been described in the wsdl file. Calling the methods of the generated object will interact with the actual methods of the web service.
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Tags: vbscript groovy xforms wforms prototype webservices dojo css ajax xml svg javascript java html
A set of web code samples in spanish about different technologies: HTML, JavaScript, XML, Java, DotNet,... all samples are detailed info http://lineadecodigo.com

Conjunto de ejemplos de código web sobre diferentes tecnologías: HTML, JavaScript, XML, Java, DotNet,... Todos los ejemplos se detallan en http://lineadecodigo.com

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Tags: json ajax php javascript 2.0 webservices
O que éCom o mwsX você pode fazer funções no PHP e usá-las no JavaScript.

UsoSupondo que você tenha o seguinte script PHP e queira deixar a função "soma" acessível ao JavaScript:



function soma ( $A, $B ) return ( $A + $B );

function subtrai ( $A, $B ) return ( $A - $B );

?>Passo 1inclua a biblioteca "mwsx.php" (disponível na seção "Downloads");

include ( 'mwsx.1.0.php' );Passo 2coloque o comentário "/* _EXPORT_ */" nas funções a ...