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ActionScript3 Flash Mp3 Player with Javascript Interface

Project Name : AVPlayer

基于 ActionScript3? 的 Flash Mp3 Player.

* 编译后的Swf文件在10KB以内
* 简单的页面嵌入(1行Js代码)
* 丰富的Javascript API,可以实现完全基于Html页面的操作控制.
* 可以作为Mini播放器单独嵌入
* 支持Json/xml等多种格式的播放列表
* 基于Javascript的LRC歌词同步实现
* 代码无侵入,页面可通过W3C Strict验证
* 结合JQuery可简单实现更多页面特效

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Tags: jquery dom html actionscript flash javascript
Inhabit is a wrapper around JQuery and the DOM which allows developers to easily create standards-compliant, DOM-manipulatable interactive experiences in the style of Flash/Actionscript.
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A transmogrifier is a device used for transforming one object into another object. *
The iTransmogrify! bookmarklet recognizes and converts a variety of embedded Flash content from web pages so they will play on iPhone.

Currently supported formats include:

YouTube, embeds and YouTube pages Blip.tv Revver TED talks and embedded TED talks Many embeded flash MP3 players Kink.fm podcasts Flickr badges (videos are unsupported) The Test Suite has more sites

It's re...

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jmedia is a jQuery plugin for unobtrusive, accessible and flexible multi-media embedding.
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Tags: flash fileupload jquery javascript
Welcome! Transmit (jquery-transmit) is a sophisticated jQuery plugin providing an elegant multi-file upload utility. At the core of the plugin is a small SWF file which provides single or multiple file selection and upload services. Getting started with the plugin couldn't be easier:

$(document).ready(function() {
});Want to narrow the type of selected files to allow...

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Tags: lrc jquery javascript actionscript3 mp3 flash
Project Name : AVPlayer基于 Actionscript3 的 Flash Mp3 Player.

编译后的Swf文件在10KB以内 简单的页面嵌入(1行Js代码) 丰富的Javascript API,可以实现完全基于Html页面的操作控制. 可以作为Mini播放器单独嵌入 支持Json/xml等多种格式的播放列表 基于Javascript的LRC歌词同步实现 代码侵入性低(一个全局变量),页面可通过W3C Strict验证 结合JQuery可简单实现更多页面特效 Demos迷你播放器简单嵌入 读取RSS作为播放列表 使用Javascript的一行代码嵌入(替换页面元素) Javascript嵌入的更简单实现(写入式) Javascript Interface

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The TXT-TO-SWF plugin extends jQuery enabeling you to control your flash font's with jQuery. It has been tested and gives accurate results cross-browser. Althought there are other libraries that will do the same job, TXT-TO-SWF makes it so you have more fine tunning with: line-height, tracking, font-size, x & y - positioning, and a lot of other over-rideable css. Methods like width and height are extended by dimensions to enable you to get the width and height of both the window and the docu...
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AttCJquery based javascript that converts a standard HTML table to an Open Flash Chart swf and displays it on the page.

Unobtrusive and accessible.

Take a look at the download for example usage and the wiki for instructions.

Example page is here

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Tags: jquery flex flash as3
ActionScript 3.0 Library for fast and fun development. FastAS3 is inspired by jQuery which is a new type of JavaScript library.
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Tags: jquery flash
Got a great Flash site? Can it be used by someone with low resolution? This plugin offers an easy way to keep your full browser Flash from getting too small.
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Public repository for sample code, tutorials and build artifacts for Carl Sziebert and Garage Technologies, Inc.